9JA Stories: 60 Shades of Judith [Season 02 Episode 08] written by #Aooms

Title: 60 Shades of Judith [Season 02 Episode 08] || Written by Aooms


I was assigned to room j007; the room was easy to locate but what I saw when I got to my room left my mouth opened with shock! I saw babe twerking to the music playing from her phone, “so early into resumption, this babe gat no chill” I thought but as the babe turn to face me while enjoying her dance, she froze, aah! This babe again! Jesu! As roommate Ke? I wasn’t given enough time to experience my catatonic state to the fullest when she broke the silence in the room, “so we are going to be in the same room, welcome, thanks for the other time” she stated. “It’s nothing” I replied, i stood at the entrance contemplating on the which bonk and which side of the room I should stay, “should I be this girl’s bonk mate or I should jejely choose the other bonk” I thought. I almost chose been her bonk mate but I changed my mind because I did not want to sleep on top, I prefer the lower layer. She had chosen the best locker so I had to choose the next best, there was this grave yard silence the room which is un-natural, normally when two ladies from different locations meet, they tend to have alt of gist and become friends but we had start on a rather ill-note, the silence could not be helped. After what seemed like thirty minutes, she then spoke ” sorry about the queue incident, I was just curious because I had been standing there since morning and you just came and got in front, i felt cheated”, “it’s alright it’s nothing, I understand your plight but hope you enjoyed a taste of what it feels like not to stress yourself” I replied her. She just smiled as she nodded.

********Two weeks into resumption******


Everything seems so rosy in school, there was almost a party everywhere to welcome jam bites likes us to the system. Symposium during the day, church welcome service in the evening, welcome party at night, final year student toasting at midnight. Life in school seems so perfect, no parents to caution us every minute, in various hostels jam bites always have gist, either talking about a guy, parties or fashion.



Two months into graduation, my roommates and I decided to upgrade our fun, we started going to clubs and parties outside school premises, we stayed overnight had fun and few times we get money from rich men we meet at clubs, we share contacts also. no one was born again in my room but we all do go to church on Sundays and do morning devotion together.


After first semester, results were out, I had a gp of 5.0 (first class), that my roommate, Ronke had a gp of 4.75, Ronke is the babe that I had a little disagreement with at the queue on the day of registration, she has been tagged twerking princess, the remaining room members, Sharon and Lizzy had 4.5 respectively though we were not course mates but we were all fresher’s.

a room of first class only, that result only made us partied more and more with me gaining most of the attention because of my shape, boobs on point, moderate ass with nice curves. It was in my numerous parties i met this stranger, I rocked him so well that he gave me 30k as t-fare and we exchanged contact, eventually we started chatting and i later figured out he was married, i tried to do away with him but he kept insisting we could still be friends, six months after he started asking me out but I refused to date him.


As time went on, he invited me clubbing with him when his wife was outside the country, and I went with him all night. We spent most of the night at Swe bar, Lagos. I also met his clique of friends, married as well with their various mistresses. We had ‘mad’ fun. After all the clubbing and drinking, he lodged me in a hotel somewhere in Obalende. I felt sort of safe with him. We did not have sex, but he made sweet love to me and touched me in places I had never ever imagined. He kissed me passionately but guess what? He did not have sex with me. We did all sorts but there was no penetration. So, to an extent, I trusted he was a good person to be around with. He gave me N10,000 and put me in a cab to go home the next morning. We kept talking and chatting and sending naked pictures to each other and he told me naughty things of how he wanted to whisper things in my ear, I blushed. We didn’t see for two weeks and that was because his wife just came back from Turkey. One faithful evening, he pinged me that he was organizing a beach party/boat cruise and that he would love for me to be his date and that he wanted to open a WhatsApp chat, as a medium for his friends and my friends to interact. I was excited about it, I just wanted to have fun. I told my roommates about it. The WhatsApp group opened and we got chatting. I also realize that majority of them were married and working in reputable firms. It was fun and we didn’t mind if they were married, we just wanted to have fun, as well as some other girls apart from my roommates in the group. We chatted exclusively, sent pictures to the WhatsApp group to introduce ourselves, and we had opened group conversations pending the beach party. And as excited as we were, we went shopping for nice sexy beach wears. The D-day finally came, we all assembled at the Lagos Island Boat Club. I was wowed because it was a high class party. We were cruising in a boat loaded with goodies drinks and hot babes, and as well ‘MARRIED MEN’. I did not care, I just said in my mind that I would not roll with married men anymore after this, that for now, all I wanted to do was to catch some fun. After all, I wasn’t paying bills. We got there, it was a private beach resort. Most of the beach facilities I got to see there were owned by multinational companies. We got out of the boat, and went to where we were partying. It was a duplex made with wood.  It was a very nice setting. I felt comfortable because it even had a fence around it separating it from other beach houses around. So, there was privacy and of course bouncers (heavy looking guys) guarding the place. I said to myself, this must be heaven







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I must be dreaming. Anyways, we felt free with each other because we had been chatting. It was 5:30pm and the party just started.

We had drinks flowing from the private bar tender which happens to be owned by one of the men in the group. Reality struck when I realized that I was feeling dizzy and feeling really funny and light headed. Not only me, but other girls around me too noticed there was something strange about it. I was also feeling HORNY as hell! I had been drugged. They monitored us and when they knew the drug had really gone deep into our system, they moved us up into the main beach house. I could still see faces, but was too weak and horny to react. Mr. John, the man who took me clubbing, carried me in his hands like a sacrifice and put me down on the floor just as other men also did with their girls. We were eight in numbers; 8 girls, 8 guys, and they all stripped us down and had se’x with us. I enjoyed it a bit because I was horny. It was a mixed feeling because I cried, I moaned, but I did not know how many times he came into me. He pounded me hard. I was dizzy, but he grabbed me with force. All I could notice was the wedding ring on his finger. I thought of how wicked and miserable some married men can be. How inhuman and heartless they could be. All of them took turns in switching partners and slept with all of us. I passed out. That was the last thing I could remember. I felt water poured on me. I noticed i was the only one stark naked on the beach, all other girls including my roommates were nowhere to be found. I spent the night at the beach, but the men were nowhere to be found. I looked round me and all I could see was a lady holding my clothes stretched towards me. I gathered energy, stood to meet the lady thinking its maybe one of my roommates but the when encountered the lady horror and fear grabbed me, the last I never expected to see was right in front of me………..


TO BE CONTINUED……………………………..










9ja Story: All stories written by Aooms #Aooms

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