Title: ASSISTANT BOYFRIEND || Written by Aooms


I’m no here to tell stories o! I am very pissed what’s wrong with ladies, God created us to be emotional does not mean he created us not to have sense, what’s all these crap I keep seeing everywhere, now my best friend has been infected with the disease. My bestie is very stupid for being indirect with me all this while.

How do I narrate her ordeal sef, this anger won’t allow me think straight I am so pissed off?

OK let me calm down and see if I can tell you what really happened, I guess I will have to you the whole story and how it all started.


First let me make this clear, Tunde is a BASTID, wherever he may be let thunder seduce him to death, may his destiny be sold for free on OLX. who is Tunde?


Ok, Tunde is my besties’ assistant boyfriend, so sad.

My one and only bestie, Teniola.

So my friend is a very fine and adorable babe, she did not commend popular demand but then she carries for front and back. She had boyfriend, though the boyfriend was a tout, they knew each other well and know how to counter each other.

The relationship was an abusive one but it was not one sided, today Akin can slap Teniola because he saw her with another boy, a week after Teniola can break bottle on skin’s head for flirting with another babe on WhatsApp. Their relationship was a weird one but it something most wouldn’t mind. It was so cool that if you carry gossip about Akin with another lady to Teniola, she will beat the person for not minding her business before she now displays her madness to her boyfriend. Same applies to her boyfriend as well. Nobody dares come between them.

Their relationship was growing into the third year when Tunde happened.

She met Tunde on Facebook couple with some other friends. Soon a WhatsApp group was created, we all became close pals, 20 of us. We always had fun in the group. Of course there are usually backyard group paroles outside social media groups, it’s nothing new but Teniola and made up our mind we won’t be involved with such. And I trusted Teniola’s word for it.

9months into the WhatsApp group, Tunde started calling Teniola more often, I did not feel it was a bad idea because everyone in the group knew Tunde, he was calm and gentle, he has called everyone in group at a point in time, couple of times, even though he called Teniola more I felt they are just fond of each other but to clear my doubts, I asked Teniola if she was having feelings for the Tunde. She said no, she can never date Tunde, that he just a friend besides she still loves her boyfriend very much.

I believed and moved on with my life.


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Few weeks later, Akin came to me asking me if Teniola had another boyfriend, I Was shocked because it was his first time of asking such question, usually he will just assume and go and beat her, I told him no then asked why he asked. He said Teniola recently has being gentle and even when she went through his phone, things she would react to normally she just acted calm and cool about it like it does not border her. I assured him Teniola was faithful to him that both of them are just experiencing maturity in the relationship.

When I told Teniola about what Akin had asked me about, she thanked me for backing her and told me she was tired of the beating of each other always, she wanted a lovey-dovey kind of relationship.

That’s weird to me, Teniola is the last person on earth I expect to utter such statement, she hates Romeo and Juliet kind of love with passion, she believes it is usually a deceptive concept because in the end those couple that have practiced it don’t usually last long.

Her new interest was very surprising ooo, I was wondering what must have triggered it but I know change is constant so I just decided it was nothing to worry about.

As things moved Tunde started paying us visit. Friendly visit, some times when I came back from class I would meet Tunde and Teniola watching movie and sometimes if I happen to meet his arrival, we all watch movies together, the attention Tunde was giving Teniola was too much, so on one of Tunde’s numerous visit I decided to confront him to know what’s up, I asked if he had any feelings for Teniola, he said no, that he is aware that she has boyfriend and he and the boyfriend has started gisting, so it’s a no-no situation.

I believed though I was surprised Teniola’s boyfriend was friend with Tunde, nothing ever comes between those two lovers at least to the best of my knowledge till Tunde told me of this new development.

It’s a good thing, at least Teniola’s boyfriend won’t need to border himself much.


2years passed things were going smoothly, Tunde was closer than ever, Teniola’s boyfriend was not complain, they hardly fight unlike before.

From nowhere Teniola and Tunde closeness reduced, Tunde stop visiting like before, any time I asked my bestie what happen, she would say he is busy, out of the blues Tunde came one day, he came along with a lady, greeted us well had fun before he then introduced the babe to us as his babe. I was happy, Tunde has always been single despite is gentle and kind nature, I was happy e finally had a girlfriend but peace reacted to the news differently, started asking the girls Questions.


How come I have not heard of you since?

Where are you from?

Hope you are not after his money?

Hope you not one of those girls that will break his heart?


The questions were so much that, the lady got pissed off and walked out on Tunde. When I asked her what all that was about, she said she was just kidding she wanted to know if she was really in love with Tunde or she just wanted to use him considering how soft Tunde can be.

She had a point, so I let the excuse slide.

Since the incident, Tunde and Teniola never came to terms, they argued on any little details, it was becoming obvious Teniola was more concerned about Tunde than her boyfriend but she said it was nothing. Tunde’s relationship did not last for more than 7months as his girlfriend broke up with him because of Teniola.

Few weeks after the break, Tunde and Teniola’s closeness was renewed, everything was normal again.

A month after Tunde and Teniola started rekindled their closeness, Teniola broke up with her boyfriend for no reason.

I pleaded on her boyfriend’s behalf but she refused, she insisted she was done and tired of Tunde.

Tunde also begged profusely but all was to no avail and that was how Tunde and Teniola became close friends happily ever after.



Until one day I came back from lectures and I met Teniola crying, I was shocked as that was the first time ever I have seen her cry, I demanded to know why she was crying but she was reluctant to say anything. “ok, let me call Tunde and tell him you are feeling down” that was all I said before Teniola’s sober state upgraded to a stage of pure rage, she started raining curses on Tunde. I was surprised and curious, I calmed her down, pet her and after a while i asked her what really happened?

she then confessed how she and Tunde had feelings for each other while she was in relationship with her boyfriend, how she was jealous about Tunde’s then ex-girlfriend and how they started dating behind her boyfriend before she finally broke up with her boyfriend and after 2months of good relationship, they started having sex, sending each other nudes and all sorts of erotic display.

only for him to break up with her saying he never really asked her out, all he did was flow with her, that he thought it was a friend with benefits parole, apparently Teniola my friend is the clingy kind of babe and as Tunde realized this he decided he was not in for a serious relationship, that’s not the annoying part, the bastard is already doing assistant boyfriend to another friend of mine (who has a boyfriend) of which I did not tell Teniola because of how she reacted to Tunde’s ex back then. so I tried to warn my friend that was doing side bobo with Tunde, to my amazement she told me Tunde stands as her assistant boyfriend whenever her boyfriend misbehaves or travels out and it is a mutual agreement between them.


now I’m sitting at a cafeteria very pissed off and not knowing how to explain to Teniola that she has being played, Tunde only wanted to be her assistant boyfriend and nothing serious. The Teniola that I know can stab Tunde and commit suicide if she finds out the truth. what should I do?










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