Title: Tales by maami || Written by Aooms

Episode 03: FREEDOM


Do you remember the story I told you guys last time, if you see how the matter was solved ehn! Chai! First of all, I was not there when maami approached Cynthia’s father but my elder sister was, as usual I eavesdropped on her when she was chatting with some of her friends the little she knew.


According to her maami and Cynthia did not get to their destination before they encountered Cynthia’s mum. After maami summarized how Cynthia had pranked her daddy, Cynthia’s mum told them she knew it was a prank the moment her husband told her the reason he was happy; that she only played along because the prank seems to favor her in so many ways she never expected. She said she wanted her daughter to confess to her before she helped her out but since she has told maami, she helps her out. She said the moment she figured out daddy Cynthia’s was happy based on Cynthia’s prank, sooner or later he would find out and the worse might befall them, so she went online looked for all possible openings for scholarships. She organized few smart people she knew to help represent her daughter take some online exams. 10 different​ online scholarship exams at least one must enter and she chose countries she knew her husband would never allow anyone go to. Countries like Israel, Afghanistan and some other war countries. Mummy Cynthia said she was not ready to be on the receiving end if her husband found out his daughter fooled him.


Well it’s being a week and looks like all went well….



Episode 03: Freedom


Today’s visitor is not a stranger, she is maami’s preferred tailor, her name is Bridget, she is very not a very popular person but she very good at her work. Well today is lucky day she invited me to join her in maami’s library and also notify maami that it’s OK if I stayed and join them in the discussion, then she started.

Bridget: Maami good evening, I have been working under Mrs. Bimpe (Bridget’s boss) for five years and now it’s time for my freedom

Maami: congrats dear.

Bridget: thanks ma but my freedom should have been three years ago

Maami: what’s the issue, why did you not do it since.

Bridget: Mrs. Bimpe gave me a list of the things I would need to give her before she gives me her blessings (she hands over a paper to maami). I pleaded for her to reduce it she refused, I thought over the years maybe things would get cheaper than I can afford to buy all that was listed but things only got much more expensive.

Morning section

  1. Morning food for the boss:
  • one big turkey
  • Half bag of rice
  • Ten liters of groundnut oil
  • Two crates of maltina
  • Twenty meat pie


  1. A big cooler of pounded yam
  2. A cooler of full chicken with (egusi) melon soup
  3. Two bottles of non-alcoholic wine
  4. One crate of minerals (Coke)


Afternoon Section

  1. A big cooler of amala
  2. A big cooler of jollof rice
  3. A big cooler of meet with soup
  4. A small cooler of vegetable soup with melon
  5. A small cooler of ewedu
  6. A small cooler of gbegiri
  7. Six cartons of five alive (big)
  8. six cartons of table water (big)
  9. six cartons of table water (big)
  10. Six crates of maltina
  11. Four cartons of can-malt
  12. Six crates of minerals
  13. Four cartons of coaster biscuit
  14. Six bottles of wine
  15. Three cartons of peak milk
  16. Two cartons of milo
  17. One bottle of honey
  18. Two packs of sweet
  19. One packet of sugar
  20. Ten pieces of kola nut
  21. Two pieces of alligator pepper
  22. Sugar cane
  23. Salt


Evening section


Food the boss will eat after the freedom party:

  1. One big cooler of rice
  2. 60 pieces of fufu
  3. Small pot filled with fried plantain
  4. One big cooler of fish soup


The equipment the boss need:

  1. Scissors
  2. Tape rule
  3. Hand needle
  4. Machine needle
  5. Black thread
  6. White thread
  7. Sewing machine


Elders Section

  1. Certificate
  2. Money for master’s prayer ₦30,000
  3. Testimonial ₦10,000
  4. Association of tailors’ prayer ₦10,000
  5. Money for grandmaster’s prayer ₦10,000
  6. Executive money ₦3,000
  7. Elders money ₦3,000
  8. Mc ₦5,000


Bridget: everything amounting to ₦600k, it’s too much maami, my younger sister who would be graduating next year from Unilag her cumulative school fees + hostel fees for four years is not up to that. So why should the freedom be so expensive, in which I actually even paid training money worth of ₦12,000 before Mrs. Bimpe accepted to train me. Now my fiancé is planning our wedding, he also wants to open a grand salon for me, I cannot tell him about the freedom tag price, it would look somehow and there is a sentiment that if one does not do freedom or receive the boss blessing the person won’t make it in life, I don’t want to carry that kind of curse into the new family I about to build. I also heard I am not the only one stuck with Mrs. Bimpe, apparently Stella, Gbemi and four other works are unable to do pay up for freedom, so they decided to start working for her and the pay is small compare to the loads of work we do. She only works when her customers insist it is her handwork they want. I’m confused, maami please help me out.


Maami: don’t worry dear, I understand your plight. Tayo go and meet your sister at the market, tell her to buy six apples with frozen fish in addition to the list I gave her and stay with her, so you can help her carry some of the loads. Be a good boy Tayo, Oya be going.

Seriously! I am not happy maami won’t allow me listen to her solution. She always has a way of making sure I am not around when she wants to give her advice.

What do you guys think about aunty Bridget’s dilemma?

What advice would you give her?


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