Randy Wale had nothing but sympathy for his next door neighbor, Fathia, an absolutely beautiful woman caught in a bad situation. Ever since he had moved into the neighborhood six months ago, he knew that something was amiss in the household. Fathia’s husband, Tunde, was a corporate executive who was at least fifteen years her senior. From the conversations he’d had with Fathia he knew that she was 29, but he wasn’t sure just how old her husband was. Randy hadn’t really had what could be called a “conversation” with Tunde; the only thing they had really ever done was exchange hellos in the driveway as Tunde was either coming or going from his house. Tunde didn’t seem to be much of a talker; he always had someplace to go, something to do, so Randy didn’t know much about him. All he knew was what Fathia had told him: Fathia had met Tunde on a blind date, of all things, and he had swept her off her feet. They were married six months after they met, and the first six months of marriage were great. Then Tunde got a big promotion at work which put him on the fast track in his company, and he rapidly got so involved with his career that he began neglecting his beautiful wife at home. It had been that way, Fathia had told him just last week, for the past six years, and she was both heartbroken and frustrated over it.

His best guess was that Tunde was the high side of 45, maybe a bit more than that, an up-and-comer in the corporate world who was guilty of what Randy considered to be one of the most heinous crimes possible, that of ignoring a beautiful woman.


And Fathia was just that. From his conversations with her, Randy also knew that she was 5’5″ tall, weighed about 125 pounds, and was a natural blond. She had long, shapely legs, a nicely rounded butt, a slender waist and a perfectly flat stomach, and the face of an angel with sparkling blue eyes and a wide smile.

She also had the biggest bust Randy had seen in quite a while. If he had to guess, he would have guessed that she was at least a 36DD, maybe more, and judging from what he had seen when he saw her sunbathing in her back yard in the tiniest of bikinis, she was all natural. It was a total mystery to him how any man could ignore a woman as beautiful and s8xy as Fathia.


He wasn’t sure if Tunde was an idiot or a fool. Maybe both.


In any event, he and Fathia had struck up a friendship. The fact that they were nearly the same age – she was two years older than he – helped. It gave them some common ground and some common interests. He was single, so there was no Mrs. Wale to worry about, and Fathia may as well have been single. They spoke often, every time he saw her outside, and on several occasions had shared a glass of wine or two on his back deck. They had spent several pleasant evenings talking about concerts they had gone to, trips they had taken, things like that. She had more in common with him, it seemed, than she did with her husband. There was no generation gap in the way, and they related to each other in ways that were not possible with she and Tunde.


And the more time he spent with her, the more his desire for her grew. She was a hell of a s8xy woman, and he found himself wanting her more and more each time he saw her. And he had a feeling that she felt the same way. Neither of them were falling in love with the other, he was pretty sure of that. He wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment and had no interest in it. But he was a man, she was a very s8xy and desirable woman, and he wanted her in the worst way.

It was during one of those quiet evenings drinking wine on his back deck that it finally happened. As usual, Tunde was out of town for the week on another one of his business trips, leaving Fathia all alone. She and Randy had been out on the deck for the better part of two hours, drinking and talking, and both of them had a pretty good buzz on by now. Fathia was stunning as usual – she was dressed in a flowered bikini with a matching sarong, which meant that she was covered from the hips down but her magnificent bre*8ts were there to taunt and tease him in all their glory. She spent a lot of time sunbathing since her husband was gone so much, so she had a killer tan. Brad had been trying to hide a semi-erection for the past half hour, and he had the feeling he was failing. He was wearing a tank top and loose shorts, and as usual he wasn’t wearing underwear. He thought that he had caught Fathia looking once or twice but couldn’t be sure. In any event, they came to a natural pause in the conversation and when Fathia was taking a sip of her wine, Randy decided what the hell, it was now or never.


“Fathia, let me ask you something if you don’t mind,” he began, looking down at his glass as Fathia looked up at him. “It’s kind of personal, so if I’m out of line just tell me, okay?”

“Sure, Randy,” she replied. “I’m sure I won’t mind, so go ahead and ask.”


“Why do you do it? I mean, why do you stay with him?” he asked, looking her in the eyes. “He doesn’t appreciate you, he leaves you alone for weeks at a time, always running off to his business rather than spend time with you – hell, any man would be crazy to run off and leave a woman as gorgeous as you behind!”


Fathia lowered her eyes to her glass for a moment and smiled before looking back up at Randy. When she spoke it was in a quiet, sincere tone.


“I really don’t know, to tell you the truth. I care for Tunde, sure, but I don’t love him anymore. I haven’t for a long time, and I’m not sure how he feels about me,” she said, leaning forward and resting her elbows on her knees, holding the wine glass in her hands. This gave Randy a spectacular view of her cleavage, and he felt himself stirring. “I mean, how can he possibly love me like he used to and leave all the time like he does? I just don’t know…and I don’t know why I’m still with him. Security, I guess…it’s a big, scary world out there, I have no job skills to speak of, I’ll be thirty in a few months – it’s just the best thing for me right now to stay where I am. I have a nice house, plenty of money, my own car, the freedom to go and do whatever I want to – I’d be crazy if I just up and left all this behind with no kind of plan to fall back on. If – when – the time is right, I’ll make my break. But in the mean time, I can handle things the way they are.”

“I guess I can see the logic in that,” Randy replied, sitting back in his chair. “You have nothing to lose as it is, so why louse up a good thing? Yeah, I can understand that.”


“You don’t think any less of me? You don’t think I’m a gold digger or anything like that?” she asked, genuinely concerned.


“Of course not!” Randy replied. He sat up and put his glass down, then took her glass from her hands and placed it on the table. Then he took both her hands in his before looking her in the eyes and continuing. “You’re my friend, Fathia, and I care about you. No way would I ever think bad of you!”


They stayed like that for several long moments, looking deep into each other’s eyes, both knowing what was coming and both wanting it to happen. Fathia closed her eyes, granting permission; Randy leaned forward and kissed her on the lips, and he was pleased when she kissed him back. Their tongues touched tentatively before the kiss ended. When it did they both opened their eyes and looked at each other. Randy spoke first.


“This could be trouble,” he said quietly.


“Only if we don’t finish,” she replied. “It’s not love, Randy, I know that; it’s just desire, and that’s fine with me.”


“Are you sure?”


“Yes, I am. Quite sure.”


With that they both stood up and met at the end of the table, wrapping their arms around each other and kissing again, deeply and passionately. Fathia molded her body against his, surprising him, and he could feel the swells of her large bre*8ts pressing against his chest. Their tongues danced in a fiery kiss, and as his c*kc began to react she felt it and pressed her hips against him, rubbing hard against his growing length. He slid his hands down her back and grabbed her by the ass, pulling her against him. When the kiss finally broke he was hard as a rock and they were both breathless.


“Wow!” he said, nearly gasping for breath. “I never expected that!”


“Bet you never expected this, either,” she replied, bringing her lips close to his ear. She ran her lithe tongue first around and then in his ear, making him shudder with desire. “I’ve wanted to f*kc you since the first time I saw you,” she said, nipping on the side of his neck. “And now that I’ve got the chance, I’m going to wear you out!”

“Give it your best shot,” he said, looking down at her. “I can take anything you can dish out!”


“We’ll see about that!” she said, grinning at him. “Right now you need to take off those shorts and sit down!”


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“Why is that?” he asked, surprised at her boldness. He never would have guessed she could be like this!


“Because I’m going to tit f*kc you!” she replied, grinning at him. “Or are you going to tit f*kc me? I can never get that right!” she said, reaching for his fly. “Either way, these shorts have got to go!”


He helped her get them unfastened, then let them fall to the ground. His rock-hard c*kc bounced free, and she smiled when she saw it.


“My, look at that! A nice, big, thick c*kc! So just how big are you, Randy?” she asked, gripping his shaft with both hands and pumping it slightly.


“Just a bit over seven inches,” he replied proudly.


“Wonderful! And I bet you can cum buckets, too!” she said, pushing him down onto the chair behind him. “Well, we’ll soon see about that!” She reached behind her neck and began to untie the string holding her bikini top up.


“I have to ask,” Randy said, looking directly at her mammoth bre*8ts. “Just how big are your bre*8ts, anyway?”


“36DD,” she said immediately.


“I thought so. And I bet you have big n!pples, too,” he said.


“Huge,” she said, “which you’re about to see for yourself!” She let the bikini cups fall away from her big, full bre*8ts, exposing them to him for the first time.


She was right; her n!pples were huge! The areola surrounding them must have been at least three inches across, and the n!pples themselves were the size of pencil erasers. Her bre*8ts were full and round, sloping gently, and they seemed even bigger now than ever. She pushed her arms together and made her bre*8ts bulge out at him, the hard n!pples leading the way. Before he could reach up for them she moved between his knees and spread them apart, then knelt down in front of him. She grabbed his c*kc with one hand and his smooth-shaven balls with the other and firmly tugged on both, looking at him with a gaze filled with pure lust.


“I’ve waiting so long for this!” she said breathlessly. “I don’t know who’s going to enjoy it more, me or you!”


Before he could reply she lowered her head down to his c*kc and slipped her mouth around it, sliding her lips all the way down his shaft to his balls in one long, slow stroke. He was amazed at this, and watched in fascination as she took all his length in and out of her mouth several times, sucking on it hard. He had never felt a woman suck his shaft this hard before! After a few more long strokes, she slipped her mouth from around his shaft, looked up at him and spoke.


“Oh, yeah, I can deep throat, too!” she smiled at him, a wicked, evil smile.


“You don’t say!” he said, his c*kc twitching as she engulfed it again with her vacuum-cleaner mouth.










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