Every year, students who attended my secondary school would organise a reunion. I usually did not attend them but after much prodding from my long-time friends, I decided to attend the one coming up that weekend.

The organisers chose a hall in one of the popular hotels in Lagos. I was not surprised since they tasked all of us to make a substantial donation. I arrived at the hall at around 4pm and the party was in full swing. Funny enough, I noticed that it still felt like high school even though the people were older. The girls huddled together, talking and pointing out the people that were around while the men shook each other acting all cool.

I got talking with a few buddies of mine and after a while, I was considering leaving. Then I spotted Ronke.

Ronke was that hot chick in secondary school that everyone wanted to fuck. She was that pretty girl that developed early and left boys drooling. She was also that girl that acted so high and mighty when a guy hit on her. At the time, I never stood a chance. She was able to reduce boys to a whimpering blob of confusion with just her words and the fastest way to get to her bad side was to express an interest in her.

A little back story. One time, in secondary school, after spending many torturous nights lusting after Ronke, I cornered her one afternoon after class and decided to talk to her. At first, she was all smiles as I opened up about how I felt and how much I liked her. I was starting to feel confident in myself and my belief that I just might get what I wanted after all. When I was done talking, she lashed out. She cursed and insulted me, calling me all the demeaning names in the book. It got so bad that students gathered around to snigger at my humiliation. She was loud and sharp. I could not even get a word in. The whole fiasco ended when I just turned around and ran away.

Watching her laugh with some of her friends now and all those feelings of humiliation came rushing back. She was still quite beautiful, albeit more matured. She was taller and her curves were even more defined. As I stood by, appreciating her body and wondering what my game plan will be, she turned around and saw me. She smiled and I decided to walk on over to her.

“Oh my God, Dammy, you look so different,” she squealed, leaning in to give me a hug. I was momentarily distracted by her boobs scraping against my chest.

I laughed, “so do you. And you are looking more beautiful than I remembered.” She smiled at me and we spent a couple of hours catching up. I found out that she was single and worked at an advertising agency. She seemed very interested in me and was leaning into me, her boobs nearly touching my chest. When she asked me when I was leaving, I told her I was spending the night at the hotel. I figured she would have less time to change her mind if the distance between here and where we can fuck was not so much.

I asked her if she wanted to talk some more in my room and she nodded. I excused myself to get a room then returned to take her with me.

As soon as we entered the room, she kicked off her heels and sat on one of the chairs. I took off my shoes too and also pulled off my shirt. I sat on the bed. If she wanted me, she would have to be the one to come for it.

I was surfing the channels as we made more idle chit-chats. After a while, she came over to stand in front of me. I stood up and wrapped my hands around her waist. We were kissing and her hands went to work on my trouser clasps. After she undid them, she pulled them down and I stepped out of the clothes. Her hands dipped into the waistband of my boxers and she pulled those down too. She gripped my cock in her hand and I knew it was time.

I guided her head down towards my dick and soon she was on her knees. She opened up and pulled my cock into her mouth. She began to suck. She was only able to take in half my length but I needed her to do more. Gripping her head hard and in place, I shoved my dick deeper into her mouth. She opened wide and tried to get me to release my grip on her but I held on tighter. My cock was choking her and causing her to gag so bad that there were tears in her eyes.


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For a second, I was back in secondary school being humiliated by her. I held on to her and focused all my aggression on making sure my cock broke through and slid into her throat. After a few hard push, I was successfully fucking her throat. I shoved in and out until I was completely satisfied then I pulled back.

As soon as I released her, Ronke stood up and looking incensed, attempted to leave the room. I was ready for her. I pulled her tighter towards me and hiked her dress up. With one hand, I groped inside her panties and shoved three fingers up her pussy. She cried out trying to push me off but I pushed her roughly to the bed. As soon as she landed on the bed, she turned around in an attempt to claw herself away from me.

I had already straddled her at that point so she could not move. I pulled her dress even further up, revealing her panty-clad ass and I proceeded to rip it. Her bare ass opened up to me. She still maintained her position and refused to turn around so I decided to take what she offered. I grabbed my cock and guided it to the entrance of her asshole. She let out a loud cry as I entered her. She began to beg me to stop, to slow down but I was way too far gone. I thrust in and out of her tight anus until my balls tightened and I was ready to cum.

I brought out my cock and began to pour my cum all over her back, ass and dress. Afterwards, she laid there, whimpering. I got off the bed, got my clothes on and left her in the room.

It might have been a waste of money to pay for that room but it was totally worth it.










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