Title: Tales by maami || Written by Aooms



Sup guys, how are you doing, maami has being busy for almost a two months now, looks like she is the V.i.P of most occassions, she has helped alot of people to solve their issues, in return they give her gifts or invite her as a special guest to most of their important occasions. Today maami might not be around but she is nearby. Do you remember the last time  we discussed about aunty Bridget, well today is her wedding day but guess what, there is a new development, apparently Mrs. Bimpe shop has being destroyed, according to the gossip I heard, Mrs. Bimpe used to lease the land for her shop and now aunty Bridget’s fiancè bought the land, so Mrs Bimpe had no choice to look for a shop to rent. Her former shop was destroy and a bigger salon was built there, of course aunty Bridget is the owner of the salon, she also employed some of the workers that use to work for Mrs. Bimpe. It did not take weeks for the salon to be crowded as most of Mrs. Bimpe customers switched to Aunty Bridget’s Salon.  I wonder what advice maami gave her. Whatever it was, it surely​ worked.



Episode 4.0: Confident but guilty.


While maami was busy going from occassion to occasion, she few visitors who came visiting obviously for advice, it’s the norm, I was in charge of giving dem the news that maami was not around that they should come another time. Some will come almost everyday at different​ times but they will still not meet maami at home.

Its Friday, nobody has surfaced since morning, maami is not around, my sister has gone to play, no light, today is boring jare, oh! wait I can see someone approaching from afar, I am hoping this person is coming to ask for maami. As the figure draws closer I realised I recognise the figure, it’s wale, ooo! Why would wale be looking for maami sef, maybe he was sent on errand.


Wale is seventeen years old but his stature makes him look twenty five but he is just a bollo (dumb guy), almost everyone that knows him well bullies him, he is a nice guy but quite dumb. The only thing in my mind now is how I can distract him or look for his trouble but looks like he is actually heading towards our house.


After what looks like minutes, wale was in front of me, asking of maami, of course she is not around but why would wale want to see maami sef, out of curiosity I had to ask him but he is being reluctant to tell me anything. He felt bad maami wasn’t around as he slowly took his leave, I on the other hand was still pondering on what wale had to tell maami….


“Can you keep a secret” wale discrupting my thoughts


“Are you as good as maami in giving advice” he asked


“No, but I can try” I replied


“Promise to keep it a promise”


“Is it that serious, OK I promise”.


“I accidentally slept with my teacher at school” he said.


I was shicked, first of all, wale is too much of a bollo to have a girl to himself not to talk of his elders and at worse his teacher. He is probably just being silly.


“You’re not serious wale, when you are ready to talk let me know” I said.


I know you won’t believe , see this how it happened, it was my first day in school after the long holiday as early as four hours into resumption, all those bully had already beaten me as usual, they always looking for my trouble, it’s was the bell for break that saved me as they all left me to go and play. So I went to Play all with my friends while playing the ball, one idiot now played the ball out of the fence, just because he is a bit older than most of us he was reluctant to go get the ball, so I confronted him and demanded he goes and gets the ball for us. In school uniform we weren’t too different in stature, both pretty tall and not amazingly muscular, he refused and I pushed him. In retaliation, he lashed out, punching me in the face. My glasses had fallen off and I had stumbled backwards groggily. Getting hit in reality is very different to what people expect. The fantasy of being able to take punches and give back is far from the truth for the average person. Rather than fighting back, the pain had taken over and I was trying to recover. He had instantly apologised, obviously sincerely, and came to see if I was okay. We were acquaintances before hand and this had all happened very suddenly in the heat of the moment, I was apologetic too for my reaction. My vision was a bit hazy and blurred and my nose was bleeding a bit but otherwise I was not too badly damaged.

I had no intentions of reporting this. We would both end up in heaps of trouble, me for starting the physical violence and him for retaliating, it would be fruitless.


“You okay wale?” I heard my friend Kanneth say.

“That was bang out of order from him” said another.


“Should we rough him up for you?” a third said jokingly but with an edge of seriousness.


“Nah it’s okay, I’ll just go wash my face, can you tell my class teacher where I am? I’ll skip further maths class and just go straight to government class.” I replied.


“Sure thing wale, you sure you don’t want one of us to go with you?”


“It’s cool” I replied, and walked away.


I was annoyed. ‘Beaten up by a a small short person’ is not the reputation I needed for the start of this new term. I had high hopes (/unrealistic dreams) for my chances with girls this year. My year group was turning 18, the legal age for cex. Of course, I didn’t expect everyone to suddenly start having a massive orgy, but I felt certain things would start changing this year and I would have the opportunity. I had about 7 or 8 female friends I was reasonably close to and felt I had realistic potential with, but I had always been pretty timid around girls.


(Tayo laughs sarcastically as wale continues his confession)


I wasn’t one to flirt massively or make my intentions very obvious, or even make a genuine move. I knew I was hindering myself but could never bring myself to do anything. All fantasties I had about potential scenarios with any one of these girls hinged on my confidence, which was disappointing lacklustre, and deep down I knew this could prevent anything and everything from happening.


I reached the bathrooms and looked at my face. My right eye itself was pretty red and looked like I had been crying…it was surrounding by a sea of dark purple, slowly turning a darker shade. Blood was smattered across my cheeks and mouth. With my gelled up hair and ruggish attire, I looked strangely attractive. Perhaps this wouldn’t be so bad after all I thought to myself, and half smiled at the stupidity of that thought. I proceeded to wash my face for a few minutes and tried to sort out my shirt, a little blood had dripped onto it, which was pretty difficult to wash out. I just left it and looked at myself again in the mirror. The bruise was incredibly visible. I sighed, knowing the inevitable questioning that was going to come from almost everyone I would see.

I walked out of the toilets and started walking towards my government class, the bell for the end of a period and beginning of class had already gone a few minutes ago. I was glad for my lateness as I wouldn’t have to walk through corridors full of students staring at me and gaping as they noticed my face, but then realised I’d have to walk into my class, full of people who would see my straight away. I wouldn’t be able to hide as I entered.


“Fuck’s sake,” I whispered.


“Wale?” I heard a voice say.


“Oh hey teslm,” I glumly said as I turned the corner of the corridor and my friend (who hates football) came into view.


“Shit man what happened to you?” he asked, as he gazed upon the damage. I recounted the story as briefly as I could.


“Ah unlucky…that’s not gonna do wonders for your reputation…and you’re going to have to walk into class with that showing, loud and proud to the whole room.”


“I know, not looking forward to everyone begging for the gossip.”


“I’ll try and shield you as we go in” he offered.


We had arrived at the room, and Teslim walked in first. I followed trying to stick behind him. I had hoped the class may not have properly started yet and people were still talking, but it seemed as though the lesson had literally just started and the teacher, Mr Hassan, was introducing the day’s topic, so all eyes were on the front of the classroom; unfortunately, this was where the door was situated.


“Sorry we’re late sir” Teslim said, trying to distract the attention away from me.


“That’s ok” he said understandingly, “Try not to be late again though please.”


He was one of the more lenient teachers, I was not surprised by this reaction. However, Teslim was not an invisibility cloak and couldn’t block off the gazes of the entire room of 40 students. There were gasps from people dotted around the room as my face came into view, despite me doing my best to shuffle hastily to my seat. Mr Hassan heard the gasps and noticed my face.


“Jesus, Wale what happened? Your eye’s black and there’s blood all over your face and shirt!”


“Oh um” I stuttered, not wanting to get myself into trouble or inform more people of the embarrassment I had suffered. “I walked into a wall” I said, very unconvincingly.

I looked down at my shirt and saw that more blood had dripped onto it. My attempts to clean it up in the bathroom had been successful but it appeared the bleeding had not stopped during the last five minutes.


“Now come on wale, there’s no need to hide from the culprit. I know snitching is not a good thing, but physical violence is intolerable in the school and the person must pay the penalty. You must say who it was.”


I hesitated, unsure what to do. Before I had made up my mind, someone called out from across the room.


“It was Kunle wasn’t it? That short senior”


Others in the room had been playing football with me. It was one of those big ‘half the year group playing’ style games of football and I had been naive enough to not realise how many others had seen


“Haaaa wale got taken by a short somebody with this his big statue” someone else shouted.


A few boys started laughing across the room. My face flushed red.


“Well, I will be reporting this to your class teacher, wale, don’t you worry, Kunle deserves to be in trouble for this. Now, why don’t you go to matron and get her to sort your nose out properly?” Mr Hassan said. It wasn’t a question, it was an order.


“Yes sir” I said, walking out of the classroom to sniggers of people from around the room.


“Ajebutter” someone shouted as I left.


“Waka!” I retorted angrily, doing my best to avoid expletives in front of the member of staff.


“Calm down everyone,” Mr Hassan said in a harsh but soft tone. “Wale, please leave.” I didn’t waste another second and heard him start talking about the history of Nigerian Presidents as the door closed. I took a few steps down the corridor so I was out of sight of everyone from the room and closed my eyes, wincing in pain. I waited a few moments and then tried to pull myself together. I wasn’t going to go to matron and have to retell the story, I planned on going to the bathroom again and using more tissues to try and stop the blood flow…what else was she going to do, wave a magic wand and get rid of the bruise?

I opened my eyes and walked on down the corridor, pushing doors powerfully with an air of frustration. I walked down one of the staircases, not really paying attention to my surroundings, one eye closed. I knew the school like the back of my hand. I was walking with such disregard that I almost walked into another teacher, Miss Stella.


“Woah, wale, watch out” she yelled.


My eyes instantly flew open. To describe her, she was about 25 years old, with short, curly black hair. She was about 5’5, and had a nice figure, with a round but firm ass and fairly large breasts. As well as teaching, she was also the school’s tennis coach and was known for having a very athletic and toned body. However, she also had a reputation of being a lesbian, for some reason, around school. No-one in school was really sure where these rumours had come from, but apparently they were true (as every rumour, it later turned out to be in school about teachers, was). Despite most people admitting she was quite nice looking, horny teenage boys around school had enough other hot teachers to focus their attentions on and she was rarely one to be checked out by every boy as she walked down the corridor. She taught geography and had been my teacher a few years ago, until I dropped it. I had been on very good terms with her, being a good pupil, and would often say hello out of politeness as well as friendliness whenever I saw her around school……….


TO BE CONTINUED………………………………………




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