Title: 60 Shades of Judith [Season 02 Episode 09] || Written by Aooms


I gathered energy, stood to meet the lady thinking its maybe one of my roommates but the when encountered the lady horror and fear grabbed me, the last person I never expected to see was right in front of me, she handed me my clothes and an envelope. It contained N16,000 and a note asking us to take N2000 each for transport. “Don’t bother looking for your friends I have taken care of that” karishika said, “We were drugged and used like tissue paper plus and you have also being issued a threat via WhatsApp that if you say word to anyone, you will regret it” she continued as she handed me my clothes, the envelop and my phone. I grabbed my phone to confirm what she said, I checked my phone and I noticed the WhatsApp group had been deleted, and a message via WhatsApp from MR John came in. He threatened me that if I say a word to anyone, I would regret it. I told him he was a bastard, and he said try it. A picture came in, several pictures. In fact, they were pictures of my roommates and i plus the other eight girls being naked on the floor. Pictures of them humiliating us but they blurred the faces of the men. In total, I got 20 pictures. I was not myself, I feel to my knees as I cried my eyes out, “you don’t have time to be crying get dressed we before people start arriving” karishika ordered. I knew who karishika was i did not want to be on her bad side, I dressed up immediately and followed her, she drove us to a new building at Lekki phase 1, it was a fine building, oh sorry I meant a castle but I care less, I had so many things running in my mind, the whole beach incident still had me at a very weak spot, the fact that I am with karishika was another fear my mind could not comprehend. we got inside the house and she instructed me to sit down on the nearby sofer as walked her way up the stairs. i still couldn’t believe all that has transpired between yesterday and today. I felt so used and embarrassed, i barely escaped Sam’s nude pix saga and it came at the cost of my jamb, now I am in Mr. john blackmail saga as if that is not enough of, I am in karishika den.


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I silently prayed that karishika won’t demand for anything, amidst all this thinking I slept off on the couch. few hours later I got a tapping on my laps, it was karishika, “hope you enjoyed your sleep, I believe you have a lot of questions to ask me but first you must eat and gain your energy, don’t bother about your friends, I have cleaned up your mess and your friends and being brainwashed to forget anything that happen after they got dizzy, so don’t go trying to remind them, for now, only you can remember the whole incident unless you want me to help you forget about” she asked, I was almost happy to jump at the idea of my forgotten the whole incident but the offer is coming from a deadly ritualist I have encountered before, nothing goes for nothing I thought to myself, so I refrained from accepting the offer. “no, thanks” I replied. “so we have to meet officially and discuss, I am sorry we had to meet like this but it was urgent I let you know the situation you have got yourself into” she said, “but I’m already hear with ma” I replied, “I know you won’t have much appetite due to what just happened to you but I want you to eat something before paying me a visit, open your locker, you will see assorted fruits and a bottle of water plus a note with my address in it” she told me. I was confused, how can I be with her and she will still be asking me to come and see her, I was about to ask her what exactly she was talking about when she suddenly snapped her fingers with mild smile written across her, with that she started to fade away, I tried to struggle to reach her, I must have closed my eyes real hard while trying to reach because on opening my eyes slowly I saw an orange light and as my eyes got fully opened I recognized the light instantly, it was from the bulb in my room, I laid still on bed, wondering what kind of dream I had, wondering if everything that happen were true, I stretched my neck to look at my body while on bed, I was in the suppose cloth I wore when I went to the beach party, I quickly stood up and looked around, my roommates were all asleep in their respective beach clothes, I opened my locker and I was taken aback when I found the assorted fruits in a transparent plastic popular know as take away with the bottle water and the paper in which an address was written.

I fell on my bed as I cried bitterly, I felt as if all my wings of pride has being cut off, after what seem like an hour of crying an sobbing, I checked the time, it was quarter after five in the morning, I did not want my roomies to wake up to meet me crying, morning devotion was 6am, I quickly brushed my teeth, took my bath, ate the fruit that I was giving, not that I had a choice, what else would you have me do, when someone rescued me and my friends and instructed me to do something, I dare not disobey knowing the kind of person karishika is.

I was done before any of my roommates woke up, I did not want my friends to see me yet, deep within me I still felt they might remember what happen and I will be the one to be blamed for it. Guilt has control over me I can’t get to see my roommates face to face when they eventually wake up, so it’s best I left before anyone wakes up, only God know what was awaiting me in Lekki.


TO BE CONTINUED……………………………..










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