Tonight, my baby is coming over. I hear him pulling up outside the house. He comes in the door and knocks. I open the door, and there he stands, in his uniform. This is the eye candy I have been craving all day. He is holding a wine and chocolate. He extends his hand with the goodies, with a mischievous grin. I am intrigued. I exclaim, “Why a wine and chocolate?”. He responds, “To match your black angel wings”. I laugh, smile and welcome him in.

I ask, “What do you want to drink tonight, baby? Need a beer?” He nods and I slip out to the kitchen to get him one. I am wearing my little sundress he likes so much. He loves the feel of the fabric when he holds me close.

I return to steal a kiss in exchange for the opened beer. I find myself saying, “You are so tense” while I rub his back. He looks at my patio cabana and say, “Baby, can I lay on the couch and you give me a massage?” That makes me smile and starts my juices to flowing. All I can think to say is, “Mmmmmm. Yes!” I can not wait to help him out of that shirt. I can not wait to touch his skin and smell his musk.

We steps out on the patio. I have a sitting area, cooking, cabana, hot tub and outdoor shower. He and sits down on the white couch. I love to watch him move. He has that s8xy, I got this gait. In my mind, I am silently humming he’s too s8xy for his shirt.

I straddle his lap facing him. He grabs my waist and pulls me in tight for a quick kiss. I start unbuttoning his shirt, slowly, intentionally, just one button at a time. I just can not resist. I am smelling his manly scent and I am getting turned on. I have to lean in and nibble on his left ear while I keep unbutton his shirt. I love his deep moans and his laugh. Now a few kisses on his neck, just to let him know how turned on I am being with him. His hand are going under my short sundress, sliding up my inner thigh, searching for my undies. He raises his eyebrow. I have a naughty pair of thongs, because he loves my ass in thongs.

After pushing that shirt down off those strong shoulders and pulling them off one arm at a time, he lays down face first and I grab the massage oil. The scent is like being on a tropical island – heavy and intoxicating. I love to feel his tense body start to relax under my touch. I love to get heavy handed working his muscled body. I let him know it is time to strip off all his clothes so I can really enjoy his body. He agrees.

So I slip off his pants and then his briefs. I take my time working his body from his neck to his toes. I especially enjoy massaging his bum. I love it when he tenses those strong muscles. I give his ass a gentle bite and a kiss. He laughs and says to keep kissing his ass. And I say, “My pleasure baby”. He makes me want to growl and put scratches all down his back.

He never gets totally relaxed because he has a plan he is working out while I work all over him. He likes to surprise me and drive me nuts. After he seems totally relaxed and he is letting out deep moaning noises, he rolls over, looks up at me and says, “Hey baby, let’s go to the shower together?”

I am all in on this plan, so I flash him my, Oooo baby, that’s so hot grin. He is slipping up off the couch like a slinking panther on the prowl. He slides my sundress off one shoulder, and gives me that sideways naughty grin. He slides the other strap off and pulls the dress straight down and lets it fall around my ankles. In once swift move, he has my bra off, caressing my body, using his tongue and his lips. His other hand slides down and the panties are around my ankles too.

He grabs my hand, and we are off to the shower.

I always wanted a big outdoor shower for adult play time. I love this waterfall steam shower, big enough for two or three couples. I love to dance sultry to the sound of music and play like crazy under the shower heads. The steam rises like the scent of s8xual pleasure.

I recently added tropical plants and orchids because it reminds me of my University days trip to Hawaii with my room mate. The waterfall showerhead is so s8xy to make out under. But all that beauty surrounding the shower is nothing like his beautiful eyes on me.



These eyes are the portal into his dark twisted beautiful soul. He is so deep and beautiful to me. When I look at those eyes, I start thinking about being tied up or handcuffed by him. I would love to beg for him to right now, but I keep my composure. He doesn’t have to say a word when he looks at me and starts touching me. He can grab me and move me any way he steers. He even grabs my hair and gets rough sometimes. I hear what he needs to say with his undress me eyes. He’s such a good man for my heart and soul.

He is so much more that my s8xual fantasy come to life. I believe in who he is. I believe in the battles he fight daily as a first responder. And when he needs to talk – he can talk about anything he needs to. And when he needs to forget and does not want to talk – we can make love and enter a world free of worries. Our rooms are our sanctuary – full of the scent and sounds of our love making.

We throw on all the shower heads and get the steam rolling. We love to get skin to skin and explore with our hands and lips. We get intense and stare deeply in each others eyes before we make love under the waterfall shower head. He puts my right leg over his left arm, and pushes deep. There was no fingering and no foreplay, but all we have done already had me wet. I just scream in pleasure. I am sure the neighbors think we are part animal.
Just never know what crazy idea we might try. I love to be spontaneous. I love to dream up wicked thoughts about him all day long. He slams my back up against the shower wall, right under the waterfall. He knows exactly how to read my body. He switches from gentle deep strokes to deep piercing thrusts. He has me begging for him not to stop.

“Yes, baby. F*kc me just like that”, I am saying in a soft gentle moan.

When he persists, it is not long and I am moaning while pulling him in deeper, “oh, f*kc, yes.” I keep saying it over and over. Almost out of breath, I am getting weak as my body goes into automatic animal mode. My body is trembling and I am pouring all over him. He is having to hold me up and he knows it is time to go all the way. He does not hold back. I was climaxing before, but with him going crazy, I feel like I am never going to stop.

Like the pounding of the ocean – we are relentless animals. It’s not supposed to make sense – it’s passionate and unscripted. It’s a movie scene. Our skin tastes great in our mouths and on our tongues. It’s about fire blazing in our eyes and going hard until there is a flood of sweet release – all over him and inside me. I love it when he takes his time getting his satisfaction while I climax – any way he wants. I have never had a man like this before. He completes me.

My dreams are in color with him, and my body gets hard thinking about him. My mouth waters, my breathing gets shallow and I’m feel like I have to remember to breathe. How about you?










9ja Story: All stories written by Aooms #Aooms