When my partner walked out on me for some micro skirted eye candy he left me with a problem. I had a big mortgage to meet on my own, added to which I’m a woman with expensive tastes. I was short of cash and running up debts.
Fortunately I had a steady job in admin at the big head office of a multinational company but it was hard to make ends meet. But the chain of events which changed everything started when I got a move to another department.

Just after I’d started in my new job one of the other women took me aside and gave me some advice.
“Don’t ever find yourself alone in a lift or an office with Mr Dawson, and if you’re in a meeting with him keep your knees together and make sure you’re wearing clean knickers.”

I got the message. I thanked my new friend and assured her that as a woman just turned thirty I knew how to look after myself.

“And don’t think he’ll take any notice of that,” she added, pointing at my wedding ring. “He goes for experienced women.”

I didn’t tell her I wasn’t married but wore my ring just for show. But I was certainly experienced!
One of the women pointed out Mr Dawson to me. He wasn’t what I’d expected. I’d imagined a dirty old man who doesn’t accept he’s past it. Mr Dawson was late forties with a hint of grey in his hair, slim and quite good looking. He was also quite a senior manager well above my lowly grade. As I walked past him his eyes locked onto me. I wasn’t wearing anything provocative, just an ordinary white blouse and a dark blue skirt just on the knee. As his eyes followed me I felt as if my clothes and underwear had evaporated and he was seeing me nude in some erotic pose. Even from a distance I could feel his lust. “Phew!” I said to myself, but I had to admit I enjoyed it, though of course I didn’t say!

While I sat at my desk that afternoon an idea came to me. As far back as I could remember men had been after my body. If I had what men wanted, s8x, and men had what I wanted, money, there was the basis of a business plan. Even better, with randy guys like Mr Dawson around, and probably lots of others like him among the hundreds of men in our building I had a ready made customer base. I wouldn’t have to stand under a street lamp in a micro skirt and fishnets. My idea grew on me.
I must confess it wouldn’t be the first time I’d offered s8x for money. At nineteen, soon after I’d left school, my first job was in a little general store. The store manager flattered me telling me how pretty I was and how he was interested in portrait photography. But I wasn’t fooled. I was a “big girl” for my age, boys were always after me, and I’d seen the pictures of girls in my dad’s secret stash of porn magazines. I knew what men wanted. In a back room of the store he’d taken lots of pictures of me. He liked to photograph me stripping, especially from my school uniform white blouse, grey pleated skirt and white schoolgirl knickers, and in nude poses I could hardly believe. He liked to masturbate squirting his cum over me as I posed nude, and wanted my used knickers to play with. He taught me how to give a man a hand job and suck his c*kc off, skills I perfected and made much use of later! Perhaps sometime I’ll tell you another story about all that. The money was very welcome, but even better was the erotic thrill of secretly doing something very raunchy! Perhaps there’s always been something of the whore in me.
I’ve got a 37-24-36 figure which I keep trim in the gym, neatly styled dark shoulder length hair, big b**bs which are still firm, decent legs, a round bottom with s8xy cheeks and a little bush of trimmed dark hair around my pull$$y. Up in my bedroom in front of my wall mirror I stripped and practised the nude spread legged and thrust out b**bs poses I remembered from my store girl days. I decided I still looked good doing a striptease or nude, and I hadn’t forgotten what men wanted!
All I needed was the opportunity. It didn’t take long to arrive. I was standing by the printer waiting for a print job to finish. The printers were in a little secluded bay down a corridor so the noise wouldn’t disturb people. Again I wasn’t dressed provocatively, just in a pretty red sleeveless summer dress which buttoned up the front and ended just above my knees, though perhaps my dress clung rather to closely to my curves and I had been worried the outline of my panties showed through the thin cloth. As it was summer my legs were bare. I had my back to the entrance of the bay and I was bending over the printer gazing into space with my thoughts miles away. Suddenly I felt a hand on my bottom, fondling my bum cheeks, then a finger following the hem of my panties across my bottom through the thin tight material of my dress. I froze, then I heard Mr Dawson’s voice:

“You’ve got the s8xiest backside in the department Patricia. I bet it looks even sweeter when you’re just in those s8xy little panties.”

I spun to face him and stood there leaning back against the printer for a moment composing myself while he grinned lewdly at me. Then I spoke, keeping my voice calm and level.

“Mr Dawson. I can do one of three things. I can slap your face. I can report you for molesting me, or …,” I paused for effect, “or if you pay me a fee we can negotiate I’ll do all the filthy things you’ve never dared ask your wife.”
His jaw dropped and his eyes bulged. It was his turn to be shocked. The office whore had arrived.

“Are you serious?” was all he could find to say.

I stepped my sandalled foot up onto a chair that happened to be there, and smoothly lifted my dress up my bare thigh so he could see my panties. In readiness I’d switched from wearing my usual boring high street white panties to black lace, see through enough to show my bush through, with an embroidered pattern of little red roses. He just stood there frozen with astonishment.

“Deadly serious,” I said, and I smiled at him with a smile that said “go on, touch me!”

I lifted my dress even higher, and spread my legs a little wider, nudging my lace covered s8x mound toward him. That was the end of his paralysis! His hand started on my bare knee, slid smoothly up the inside of my thigh till his hand was stroking my mound through my panties and tickling my slit with his fingertips and reaching right under me to stroke that delicious spot between my V8g!n@ and my arse. It was the first time in months a man had touched me between my legs and I nearly wet myself with excitement! My little gasp of satisfaction, gave him all the encouragement he needed!
He was just slipping his fingers down inside the front of my panties when we heard someone coming down the corridor toward the printer bay. We quickly disentangled ourselves. Just before they came into the bay I whispered to him,

“Do you want to try a free sample?”

I hadn’t intended to let him go so far, but I was so hot and horny from the thrill of crossing the threshold of offering s8x to this so masculine and so randy guy after months alone in my bed and feeling his hand on my cunt, even through my panties, that I couldn’t stop myself. More than that I wasn’t a street girl who does it for a living and needs to make every job pay: the company was paying me for my time! I could offer free appetisers.

Most of the people on our floor had gone to lunch and no one saw us go into his office a couple of minutes later. Fortunately it wasn’t one of those glass fronted fish tank offices. Apart from its window several floors up it had good solid walls all round. Being lunchtime we had a good hour to play with. While he found his door key and locked the door I stood leaning back with my hands on his desk with my legs spread as wide as my dress allowed. I was frantic for the feel of his hand on my cunt again and for his fingers in my slit. He lifted my dress above my panties and slipped his hand down inside the black lace to cup his hand over my naked furry s8x mound and slid a finger just inside my slit. I still remember his next words,
“Nice and bushy, nice and juicy and in s8xy knickers, Patricia. That’s how I like my women.”

After months without s8x it was delicious having a man’s hand playing with my cunt again. I’m not surprised I was already juicy! He stepped back from me, unzipped his trousers and lowered them. He was in light blue pouch style briefs and they were bulging as if his erect c*kc was ready to explode out through the cloth. He pulled his briefs down and spread his legs as far as he could with his briefs stretched round his thighs to expose his pen*s and balls. His pen*s quivered stiffly as he thrust it toward me. His erection was massive, bending up to a big purplish head, and his balls were very hairy. Not bad for a first customer, I thought!


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“Do you like my c*kc Patricia?” he said, giving me a lewd grin and wiggling his erect pen*s at me. “Would you like it to slide through your hairy bush and up your juicy pull$$y and fill you?”

One of the women in my department had confided in me that he’d exposed his erect pen*s to her when she’d been alone with him in a store room and he’d tried to get her to touch it, but she’d slapped his face. I’d met guys who liked to show off their c*kcs to women. I decided to play along. I reached down to fondle his shaft and run my fingers through his thick coarse pubic hair and over his balls. He grunted with s8x pleasure and I felt his pen*s twitch and harden even further. I let him hear my purr of admiration, though I must admit he was impressive!

“That’s how I like my men, Mr Dawson. Big, hairy, stiff and hard up over me with balls full of hot cum.”

After months without a man, touching a pen*s up rock hard with lust for me was driving me wild! I know men’s balls don’t contain their cum but I thought saying that would boost his ego. Then to boost it even more I quickly squatted down wide legged in front of him and licked him luxuriously all over the big soft head of his pen*s, making sure I tickled his little slit opening with the tip of my tongue and tickling his balls with my fingertips at the same time the way I remembered from my shop girl days. He shoved the big soft head of his pen*s against my lips and I heard a deep throated manly growl from above me that sent a shiver of excitement down my spine!
I stood and leaned back against his desk to see what he wanted next. He began to undress me, unbuttoning my dress really slowly down my front, taking his time over each button. I’d worn a black lace bra that matched my panties, and he fondled my bre*8ts slung in my bra on the way down. He knew just how to catch my n!pples with his thumbs the way I like! Some men almost tear my clothes off me but I like it when a man undresses me slowly and plays with me on the way. He slipped my dress off my shoulders so it fell on his desk.

He turned me round so he could undo my bra and let that join my dress on his desk. His hands slid slowly down my back to fondle my bottom through the thin lace of my panties, and still with my back to him I bent over with my bre*8ts swinging over his desk for him to pull my panties down. He was getting excited! As soon as my panties were down round my ankles and I was nude I kicked them aside and spread my legs wide. I felt his exploring hand fondle my bottom and felt his stiff pen*s brush against my thigh. He fondled my spread thighs, tickled me down my bum crack and slid his hand between my legs from behind to play with my pull$$y. I nearly wet myself as he lightly stroked my juice oiled V8g!n@ lips and ruffled my cunt hair. Boy did he know how to touch a woman!

I stood and turned to show him my naked front, spreading my legs as I leaned back against his desk again to shove my pull$$y toward him and swing my b**bs up, with my legs as wide as I could get them. He kissed me all over my b**bs and licked my n!pples while he had a good feel of my cunt, stroking my V8g!n@ lips till they were really juicy and slipping his fingers between them to touch my clit. He kissed me all the way down my naked body till he was kissing my V8g!n@ lips and he got down to get his tongue right under me to lick my pull$$y. He was like a boy with his first girl!
He was still fully clothed with just his hard up c*kc and balls on display. I wasn’t going to let him get away with that. I like my men naked for s8x and I decided to take the initiative. As soon as he was standing again after playing with my cunt and tits I took off his necktie and unbuttoned his shirt. With his shirt open I ran my hands over his hairy chest and slowly ran my hands down his hairy belly.
“Mmmmmmm …. So strong and hairy!” I purred. He loved it.

Me doing that always gave my partner a steel hard erection. I’ve never believed a man’s only erogenous zones are his balls and pen*s. It certainly did the same for Mr Dawson! I slipped his shirt off his shoulders and nudged his trousers down a bit further. He got the message. He was so excited he struggled to get his trousers off. Men can never strip as elegantly and erotically as us women! After months I was seeing a naked man again! He looked good naked too; fit and muscular, with his impressive c*kc sticking straight up just for me! He moved quickly behind his desk and sat in his executive swivel chair, spread his legs wide and leaned back with his erect pen*s sticking straight up.

“Now Patricia,” he said, “be a good girl and jerk my c*kc off long, slow and hard.”

He twitched his erect pen*s the way men can do as if he thought I didn’t know what he wanted! Men underestimate me! Just for fun I tossed my panties to him. They caught on his erect shaft and hung there. He liked that naughty little touch! He took them off his c*kc, ran them through his fingers and sniffed them, and brushed them over his c*kc and balls and down between his legs. I joined him on his side of the desk. With his erection sticking straight up like that, for a moment I thought of reaching down, wrapping my hand round his shaft and giving him a nice hand job while he played with my naked body the way my shop manager liked to do. But I wanted to make a good impression on Mr Dawson so he’d come back for more and tell all his dirty minded friends about me, so I treated him to rather more.
Crouching between his spread legs I kissed him slowly down his hairy front, easing his legs even wider, lightly fingering his balls and shaft, tickling him round his arse and on the inside tops of his thighs where men are so sensitive. As I worked my way down I brushed my swinging bre*8ts against the head of his almost vertical pen*s. He grunted and squirmed and his pre cum oozed over my n!pples, my bre*8ts and into my cleavage. I slid my bre*8ts down either side of his pen*s, squeezing his stiff shaft gently between my bre*8ts. As I worked my way down his body he ran his hands over my bare shoulders and through my hair, getting more and more frantic as my lips neared his c*kc. Finally I was in position to start work.
I lightly fingered his balls, licked his shaft slowly up and down, and licked his pen*s across its tip. His grunts and the way he squirmed told me I hadn’t lost my touch! I looked up at him with one of those under the eyelashes looks and said softly, like I was an innocent little girl,

“Was that nice, Mr Dawson?”

Then I started. I held my lips slightly closed as I lowered them over his knob so it would feel like that moment a man’s pen*s head eases open a woman’s V8g!n@ as it enters. My partner told me my lips feel like that on his c*kc. His grunt and his sudden frantic grip on my shoulders told me I’d got it right again. Then I slid my lips slowly down the big soft mushroom head of his pen*s and over the ridge round its base. I paused there for a moment and rolled my tongue over his pen*s head. I felt him judder! I slid my lips down his shaft squeezing it with my lips wetted with lots of saliva till his pubic hair was tickling my nose. Then back up, sucking and catching that base ridge of his knob with my lips, and brushing that sensitive spot under his pen*s head with my tongue. I got into my rhythm, up and down, up and down, and tickling his balls, arse and the inside tops of his thighs with my fingers as I sucked him off.
Back in my shop girl days my manager came in a couple of minutes the first time I did that for him, but since then men and lately my ex taught me lots of things about how to make a man wait and how to take him to the brink and hold him there. Mr Dawson liked experienced women and I made sure I treated him to the benefit of my experience! He took ages, all the time gasping, grunting, almost sobbing with s8x pleasure, running his hands over my bare shoulders and through my hair. I made sure I showed him I was ready for him when he came. When I suck a man off I always watch out for the grunts getting louder and deeper, that familiar stiffening of his pen*s against my lips, his frantic clutching of my shoulders and that shove of his crotch letting me know he’s about to cum. Then I can squeeze my lips tighter, suck harder and slow my rhythm down so his Org8$m builds up slowly. I’ve learned that being prepared is half the skill in giving a man what he wants. I was ready for that last thrust of his belly against my face when his so stiff c*kc jerked between my lips and he filled my mouth with his s8x cream.
I remained squatting between his spread legs for a while after he’d squirted his cum, flicking the head of his now half erect c*kc with my tongue while he sat there panting and holding my shoulders. I like to finish a job properly. Finally he let me go and I stood and tidied my hair. A strand of semen was dripping from his swinging pen*s and there were drops of white creamy semen on his pubic hair. He used my panties to wipe it off before it dripped onto his office carpet.

“Did you like that Mr Dawson?” I asked when he’d recovered a bit. “Then when you’ve decided what filthy things you’d like me to do, we’ll talk business.”
He was still panting, but his grin told me we’d got a deal. I let him keep my panties to play with and masturbate over and so he’d remember me. I always keep a spare pair in my handbag.
So that’s how my career as the office whore started. Word soon got around the randy guys in our building that a woman was around who’d do anything if they paid her, and I had no shortage of clients ranging from office juniors up to top management, and even some women! Some of the things my clients have wanted to do I’d gladly pay them to do with me! I couldn’t believe the number of perverts there were in our building, or the filthy things they wanted me to do. If you like this story I might tell you some more about my career as the office whore!

Business was so good I don’t work for the big multinational any more. Oscar Wilde said “work is the curse of the drinking classes.” Work is certainly the curse of those who want s8x in the office!

I’ve set up on my own now. You’ll find my website if you search under escort and massage services. This month my cover page shows me in a string shoulder strapped curve clinging little silvery dress with matching high heels, miles up my slightly spread bare thighs and with such a deep cleavage my b**bs look as if they’ll burst out when you pull open the little bow holding my dress only just closed. That dress is every bit as expensive and classy as it looks, my pearls are real, and any man who’s interested will soon find my underwear certainly isn’t boring high street cotton – unless that’s what you ask for! The caption above my picture reads:
“Lady Patricia – private modelling and sensuous massage. See me in and out of the outfit of your choice. Your place or mine.”

My little story above will give you an idea of what services I can offer you, or you might have something more exciting in mind! Underneath my picture there’s a button labelled “Enter – if you dare!” If you enter you’ll see … but that would be telling! Come and see for yourself!









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