Title: Mission Call

” You didn’t know me before I left for the city, so how did you know if I never had this mark before leaving for the city?” I asked him while he smiled and placed his full gaze on the road, he was about taking a turn. ” As I said earlier, news spread like wildfire in the village” he said and took a turn to the direction of his farm while I headed straight to the stream in my surprised state.


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I brought down the newly tapped wine and made to head back home, I hadn’t taken up ten steps when I sighted Adanna coming towards the stream with another water pot. ” Good morning” I greeted her. ” Wait, are you actually coming to the stream every morning to wait for me?” She asked me ignoring my greetings, I also ignored her question. ” You have a new water pot” I said smiling and pointing at her water pot, ” I hope you won’t break this one” She said and walked passed me, I followed her behind humming a song which I had heard my dad sing to my mom in those days, it’s actually a kind of love song, a local love song. ” Who are you singing that for? ” Adanna asked smiling and turning back to face me. ” Must I Sing it for anyone, I am singing for myself” I replied her as I made to collect her water pot from her. ” What are you trying to do, dont just try it o, the two times you carried my pot for me, you broke them.” She said as she prevented me from carrying the pot. ” I promise you, I won’t break this pot, this one is a more beautiful pot” I said and she smiled. ” Gabriel, how do you plan carrying this pot alongside your keg of palm wine?” She asked again. ” Dont just worry about that, am up to the task ” I said again as I finally collected the pot from her. Like the previous day, she was tying a small b—-t wrapper and also a waist wrapper but she wasn’t putting on those local black lines like the previous day, thus giving me a clear view of her natural face. Adanna is an average height slim girl, her height is okay for her age, she has small lips with big bulking eye to match her Oval face, She is naturally blessed with all that is needed to be blessed with, and to crown it all, she is strong headed. ” Okay now, let’s go ” I said to her as I balanced the water pot on my head and the keg of palm wine on my left hand. ” Please, promise me you won’t break this” she said twisting her mouth in a kind of manner that made her more beautiful. ” I promise I won’t break it if there is no cause to break it” I said trying to Twist my mouth in the manner in which she Twisted her’s. ” Why are you doing your mouth like that? ” She asked laughing at me. ” That is the same way you do yours” I said also laughing. ” But am ain’t as ugly as you are when I do mine” She said laughing more harder while I kept a straight face and advanced forward. ” Hey, am only joking with you” she shouted as she ran to me and hit me playfully on my back. ” Why are you telling me that?” I asked. ” Oh, I thought you were offended ” she said and hissed while I bursted into laughter. ” Adanna ” I called her after we have moved a bit. ” What is it? ” She asked without looking at me. ” What do you think about all this death stuff? What have your people done to offend the gods?” I asked her.
•” Sir Ajan, I haven’t even settled at home and you guys already got a mission for me” I said angrily over the phone, it was a call from Newriton and Sir Ajan the king of Justice was the one with whom I was speaking with, he had asked me to come back and that the institution got a mission for me, what Nonsense. Sir Ajan is a well feared man in the institute, he is straight forward and doesn’t waste time in taking actions. He should be in his forties or so, if there is anyone you should be scared of, let that person be Sir Ajan, he doesn’t waste time in expelling weak and lazy student and he is also a good ambassador of Discipline. During my days as his student, I had always been careful with all I did to avoid the termination of my program, but now that I am a full spy, there is nothing to be careful of. ” Oh, Gabi my boy, it just a small mission, it won’t take you weeks” Sir Ajan said, no one would believe it was Sir Ajan speaking calmly with me over the phone, anyways, that was because I am no longer a student. Try saying No to his instructions in camp, then you should be preparing to go back Home. ” Okay Sir Ajan, I will come over in two days time” I said although I wasn’t happy. ” Cheer up boy, Morgana will also be involved, even Christiana, your crush will be involved in this, hey dont say anything, I know you got something for Christiana, am expecting you boy” Sir Ajan said and put an end to the call, I smiled an threw my phone to the bed. Christiana, she is another good Spy, we actually resumed together as students but I gat nothing for her, hey, you think am lying? I gat nothing for her, Okay, I used to have something for her but it is dead now, Oh God, believe me, it is dead now. Oh okay, I actually have a crush on her but… Okay, no but, I have a crush on Christina but I love Adanna, wow, nice rhymes.
• Linda, the most troublesome of my siblings suddenly barged into my room as I was lying on The bed thinking about my next mission and my going to the city. ” Hey, One girl wan see you” She said bouncing towards me. ” Which girl?” I asked her as I stood up and wore a jean trouser with a white top, I decided to go the English way today. I was about stepping out of my door when she replied ” Adanna” , I quickly turned back to powder my face.
I bounced outside and saw Adanna Standing in front of our compound. ” Ah, Adanna, I am surprised, since we were much younger, you have never come in here. This is good” I said holding her hands while she stared me like she was seeing someone else. ” You look different” She said staring at me. ” How different? Just say am looking handsome” I said looking at her eyes. ” Hmm, I never said so” She said as she drew me to a bench. ” Adanna, what brought you here?” I asked, obviously still surprised that she came to my house today, Since I knew Adanna, she had never come to play in my father’s compound before even if her house was just opposite ours. ” Aren’t you happy seeing me here?” She asked twisting her mouth in that cute manner I like. ” Of course am happy seeing you here but am surprised because you have never deem it fits to come here for once” I replied ” well everything starts in a day” she told me, ” I only came to greet you” She said again as I stared into her eyes. She was dressed like she is always dressed in her b—-t wrapper and waist wrapper, a different set entirely from that of the morning. She was wearing a bead on her left leg and those black line were on her face again, she looks beautiful. ” Came to greet me or you were already missing me?” I asked laughing stylishly. ” That’s one thing with you guys, always thinking too far” She said as she stood up and dusted her buttocks. ” I will be leaving now” She said and arranged her hair, there were also beads on her hair. ” Haba, Adanna, dont go yet now, you just came” I said also getting up from the bench. ” I have to go, I need to help my mom at home, I only decided to come in here today because you helped me carry my pot this morning without breaking it” She said smiling as she started walking out, I followed behind watching her sway her waist along. ” I will be leaving for the city in two days time” I told her from behind as we got to the entrance of my father’s compound. ” But you just came” She said turning to me.

To be continued…..

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