Title: welcome Back

The light suddenly came on to reveal my room mate, Israel. ” Oh My God you scared the hell out of me” I said as he jumped onto his bed. ” Secret service code 009, be alert at all times. ” Israel said laughing to reveal his white set of teeth. ” Sir Ajan called you back also?” He asked as I sat on my bed located on the right side of the room, his was on the left side.” Yeah” I simply replied .

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” Hmm” He said as I looked up at him, he also stared at me and suddenly we smiled at ourselves. He got up from his bed and i also stood up and we hugged each other. ” I miss you bro” He said happily. ” I miss you also” I replied him and we broke the hug. ” How is Atata?” He asked me . ” Atata is fine, what of Ekiti?” I asked back. ” Ekiti is peaceful” He replied while I nodded. Israel Olufemi, another confirmed spy and my best friend in Newriton is a Yoruba guy who hails from Ekiti. I came to the institute before him, he actually resumed a week after me. The welfare units had actually paired us together when they noticed I had no room mate . He is a dark average height guy with small brown eyes, he isn’t slim nor fat, he is just Normal. He happens to be one of those lazy students when he first resumed, he only got blended when Sir Ajan had punished him severely for not able to handle and throw a knife. He is the most skillful fighter we got, most skillful fighter I said, not the best, I still remain the best. What? You guys dont believe me again? Like seriously, I am the best fighter, take it or leave it. ” So any idea what this mission is gonna look like?” I asked as I walked into our kitchen, yes our kitchen, it was actually a self contain like room. ” Nope, Sir Ajan has said nothing of it ” Israel replied. ” who cooked this?” I asked as I brought the watery rice I knew only israel would have prepared it, he can’t cook. ” I did, see I cooked it that way because that is how I like cooking my rice” He said trying to defend himself. ” Oh my Jesus, you mean, just forget, there is no other option than to eat it this way, am so hungry” I said as I dished a spoonful of rice into my mouth. ” Taar” I shouted as I spat it on the floor. ” Did you use the whole salt to cook this?” I asked him but he just hissed and laid on his bed.
• I woke up early that Saturday morning, Israel had already woken up and gone to the field probably to exercise. I stood up and peeped through the window which allowed the reflection of the morning sun. I was right, he was on the field with Morgana and Christiana, Just the three of them. I quickly dressed up in my thick black singlet and Short before rushing down to them. ” Oh my goodness, Gabriel!!!!!” Morgana shouted as she rushed towards me and Jumped on me, she was the first to see me approaching them. Christiana stood where she was, she was standing arm akimbo and twisting her mouth like the way Adanna does twist hers, but she wasn’t as beautiful as Adanna. ” Hey, my Christiana” I said as I dropped Morgana and went towards where Christiana was. ” Dont touch me” She said as she frowned her face. ” Why?” I asked. ” You promised to come yesterday morning, why am I just seeing you now?” She asked still frowning her face. ” Come off it my dear, You of all people should know how far Atata is” I said patting her shoulder. ” Then you should have taken a night bus the day before yesterday” she said again. ” Which bus? There is only one bus coming to Lagos from Atata, the slow and Steady” I said smiling. ” Okay dear, come here” She said as she hugged me tightly. ” It isn’t even up to a week, you already miss me this much” I said as she still held me tight, trust me, I held her more tight. ” Gabi, you didn’t hug me this long” Morgana said and broke the hug. ” Sorry dear” I said as I hugged Morgana again while Christiana broke the hug. ” Enough of the hugging” she said . The institute was scanty, the reason behind this was the fact that new students haven’t been admitted yet and the old sets are done with their programs, old students like me. The few students in Newriton are either those who had come to take their certificates or those who are to be given assignments like I, Morgana, Matt, Christiana and Israel. ” Gabriel, I got gist for you” Christiana said as we did our normal morning push ups. ” You always have gist” I replied her, to her that was a go ahead. ” I came into your lodge yesterday afternoon, israel was the only one there, I didn’t know what sent me to taste the Unfortunate rice he cooked” Christiana said while I and Morgana laughed, Israel didn’t laugh. ” At least am better than the both of you who doesn’t even know how to boil water” Israel countered them, Christiana and Morgana, truly they can’t cook, I won’t lie, they can’t cook.
• ” This Mission is your very first and it shouldn’t be toyed with . It isn’t a tough case like I have rightly said to you all over the phone. It is just an investigative mission, just need you guys to help me check mate someone” Sir Ajan said as he walked around the small hall in which we all stood wearing our black thick singlet and Shorts. I, Israel and Christiana stood together while Morgana and Matt stood together on the other side. ” A investigative mission might look simple as it sound but need a lot of care than other missions. A simple mistake or wrong information due to wrong investigations might be so crucial and hence put an end to you being a spy” Sir Ajan said again moving his eyes around the hall, for a moment, I felt his eyes dropped on me. ” You should all take a observatory and careful background study, a very investigatory and clean background study before jumping into conclusion. Note that none of this should make you reveal your identity. Never reveal your identity in the quest to make your mission fast, a simple mission of a day might end up taking a year. Now I told you guys it might take weeks, you should all know how that it might develop into years. The longer the time spent on a mission, the more accurate the result. I am not in a hurry for you to bring the results, all I need Is a good result” Sir Ajan said again as he sat down and began operating his small laptop. ” Since it is you guys very first mission, I would like somebody with experience to guide you, that’s why I had taken my time to bring back one of my students who finished a long time ago.” Sir Ajan said and almost immediately the door to the hall creaked opened. ” Daniel!!!” I shouted as the new guy walked into the hall.

To be continued…..

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