Title: Who Is He?

“Wow, Gabriel, what are you doing here?” Daniel asked me innocently, he was also putting on a black short and Singlet just like the rest of us, the only difference between we and him was that he was hanging a sword on his back, the sword happens to be in its s—t. I walked hurriedly towards him and brought out his left hand, there, on his wrist was the mark of Newriton. ” So you are a spy?” I asked him while he nodded. ” You are also a spy” He said laughing and we hugged each other. ” Hey, I see some kind of reunion here, Daniel, have you guys met before?” Sir Ajan asked him while Daniel nodded. ” We actually took the same bus from Atata to Lagos” Daniel said while sir Ajan adjusted his glasses. ”


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What took you to Atata?” Sir Ajan asked not expecting the reply. ” My research work” Daniel said again but sir Ajan wasn’t listening. ” So this is Daniel, he completed his program about some years back and he had successfully accomplished 6 investigatory missions just like the one you are about to Embark on” Sir Ajan said standing beside Daniel. ” Now to the mission proper” Sir Ajan said as he walked to the front of the hall, there was a big screen there which was normally controlled by a remote lying on the small table in front of the hall. ” Here is Sir Jude Ike, a primary school teacher” Sir Ajan started as the screen displayed a clear picture of the so called Sir Jude Ike, an elderly man probably in his fifties. ” Sir Jude Ike is a primary school teacher” Sir Ajan said and we all bursted into laughter, even Daniel himself laughed. ” Why on earth should we investigate a primary school teacher?” I asked Sir Ajan still laughing. ” Because a primary School teacher shouldn’t be living in this kind of house” Sir Ajan said as the picture on the Screen changed to that of a beautiful mansion, a mansion only affordable to big business men. ” But sir, this is an elderly man, he might have involved himself in some other businesses from which he might have been able to raise money to build this, this house might be a project from his life savings” Christiana said looking serious. ” Nice point Christiana, Nice.” Sir Ajan complemented as the picture on the screen returned to Sir Jude Ike. ” This shouldn’t have brought about any form of suspicion, the only thing amiss here is the rate at which young teenagers go missing in this same area where Jude Ike lives. No one is saying that he is responsible for the kidnaps or so, all I am saying Is that he is the only one living a strange lifestyle, why should he teach in a primary school a long distance from where he lives? I want you all to do a background search on him, research on any kind of business he might have involved himself in at one time or the other. Remember, he is not guilty of any offence yet. ” Sir Ajan staring intensely at us. ” Not just the six of you are going for this mission, someone for the I.C.T unit might Join you soon ” Sir Ajan said moving about, only the sound from his high heeled shoe could be heard. ” Remember, I am not expecting disaster” He finally said and walked out.
• ” There is no room for weakness here, we all have to be strong” Daniel shouted as he rose up his right hand to show he was serious and lively, we all looked at him like a fool. ” Okay, we just have to be strong” he said more calmly this time. A new guy has joined us, he was from the I.C.T units, he isn’t a trained fighter and so its our duty to protect and guide him, his name is young Carl. ” So, this isn’t something we should rush, it might end up becoming a mission to be accomplished in Years, Gabriel, dont worry or think about Adanna” Daniel said staring at me. ” who is Adanna?” Christiana asked me. ” Ask him” I said calmly pointing to Daniel. ” You don’t know who Adanna is?” Christiana asked me again but I didn’t reply her as I pretended to be paying rapt attention to Daniel.
• ” I am just nervous, I dont want this mission to be a screw” Israel said as I laid on the bed that evening, he was doing his one hand push ups. ” Dont think so, people have been doing this, so we can” I assured him, this time I wasn’t lying on the bed, I was opening my small drawer to get an A4 paper. ” What are you gonna use that for?” Israel asked still on his push ups. ” Write a letter” I replied. “Letter to who?” He asked again. ” Adanna” I replied while he got up swiftly and sat beside me. ” Who is this Adanna?” He asked. ” My future girlfriend” I replied searching for a pen. ” What about Christiana, who are you leaving her for?” He asked again. ” I am not dating Christiana” I said with a serious look on my face. ” Then stop leading Christiana on” Israel said again also looking serious. ” If you have nothing for her, let her know now, it might be disastrous in future” Israel said again, that was the only good thing about him, at times he speaks sense. ” Okay bro, I will try stop all kind of stuff with her” I assured Israel. ” Now tell me about this Adanna of a girl” Israel said happily while I also smiled. ” You see ehen , Adanna is the most beautiful maiden in Atata, she is of average height, chocolate and endowed ” I said. ” I know you bro, you can’t differentiate between beautiful and Ugly, am sure this so called girl might not be as beautiful as you have painted her” Israel replied me while I smiled on. ” Just wait” I said and brought out my phone, I went into the gallery and brought out a picture if Adanna, it was actually a picture I took from the top of the mango tree the day I had a fight with mbe the cat. ” Take a look at this” I said passing the phone to Israel. ” This is whoa, Gabi, this girl is Whoa” Israel said again. ” I told you now ” I replied him grinning happily. ” But who is this guy with her?” He asked again. ” Another guy who wants her” I said again. ” I think she will prefer him to you, he is more handsome” Israel said while I dragged my phone from him. ” She is really endowed as you had said, why dont you just ask her out?” He asked again. ” In Atata where I come from, you dont ask the girl out, you go straight to her parents after you have studied the girl for a period of time. ” I said. ” You and your Atata are too local ” He replied. ” Can I see that picture again?” Israel asked but got no reply.
• It was still in the evening of the same day, Daniel had asked me to come meet him in his lodge, he was actually staying in a special lodge meant only for workers in Newriton. He wanted to see me not because we had an encounter in the slow and Steady bus but because I was the main man for the mission. I located room “278” and stood in front of the face scanning machine, only those who stay in the room have a card to gain access into it, any intruder must pass through a face scan from the same machine. The Machine Scanned my fave and within some seconds, the door opened. I entered into the beautifully decorated large room, Daniel was on his bed, he was sitting on his bed while his sword was lying beside him. ” Hold on a minute” he said as he rushed to his bathroom. I sat on the bed and brought out the sword from its s—t, I did just for fun. The sword came out slowly until all part of the sword was revealed, I opened my mouth in shock as I saw the edge of the sword. I flashed back to that morning I went to the igwe palace, that mark made on that dead guy could only be made with a sword with the type of edge like Daniel’s own, wait, Daniel was coming back from Atata the day I saw him, and he also had the killer sword, no doubt he is the serial killer. ” Yes Gabriel, now to business” Daniel said as he came out of the bathroom towelling his face. ” Who are you?” I asked as I pointed the sword directly to his neck.

To be continue…

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