Title: I Have a Dream

” Gabriel, calm down, what do you mean who am i?” He asked calmly raising his both hands up into the air. ” What was your mission in Atata?” I asked again, the sword was now directly to his Adam’s Apple. ” Gabriel I dont get you, what are you talking about?” He asked looking confident but careful. ” So you are a serial killer? You go about killing people?” I asked again while he spread his hands out in a confused manner. ” Am ain’t a serial killer, I dont kill people except the bad guys, and I only kill the bad guys when on a mission” He said again. ” Shut up!

What were you doing in Atata?” I asked again. ” I only went there to know the place, just like a tour” he said again. ” ” Why are you asking me all these?” He asked again looking impatient. ” Hey, remember am the guy with the sword here, so be careful” I said pushing the sword closer to his neck. ” You know, we can actually settle this amicably without the sword” he said again. ” Just tell me why you choose to kill the people of Atata” I said. ” Believe me, I have never killed anyone from Atata, I only stayed there for five days, I didn’t kill anyone. What gives you the impression that am the killer?” He asked again. ” Your sword, it has the same edge mark with the marks on the body of those victims of the killer” I said while he stared at me in shock. ” You mean to tell me that there is a serial killer in Atata?” He asked. ” Dont pretend like you aren’t the one” I countered. ” Am not gonna pretend like I am not the one, because I am not the one” he said calmly. ” Why don’t you take this sword away” he said pushing the sword slightly away. ” I am not a serial killer, and you have no right to accuse me of that, you got nothing against me ” he said as he sat on the bed while I turned to him. ” See, I am not the only person with this kind of sword, the real killer is still there in Atata and you are here accusing me” he said again. ” The only thing is that, the killer is likely to be from Newriton or maybe a common individual happens to get hold of the sword by chance, this sword was the trained weapon for my sets just like you guys are trained with knives now” he said again. ” Then that means the killer should be someone you know, since he\she is someone in your set” I said while he shook his head. ” You dont expect me to know every individual in over 10,000 fighters.” He said, he was right, I myself dont know all the fighters in my sets. ” If truly the mark you talk is real, then someone from Newriton is behind this or maybe somebody not from Newriton has by chance gotten hands on the weapon ” He said again. ” Then, let’s tell sir Ajan about it. ” I suggested. ” Sir Ajan wouldn’t listen without an evidence” he said again while I dropped the sword, something inside me kept telling me it was him Daniel, but I got no evidence against him, maybe I need to do a background check. ” Now back to business” he said keeping his Sword in it’s s—t.
• ” Okay , israel how do I start this? Should I go, Dear Adanna” I asked israel as I made to start the letter. ” Can’t you make it more romantic?” Israel asked taking a disgusting look at me. ” Okay, Dear love?” I asked again. ” Nope , can’t you go like, My lovely baby?” He asked while I nodded my head. ” My lovely baby” I wrote down but tore the paper immediately. ” Adanna is a village girl, she isn’t use to all this baby stuff” I said while Israel bursted into laughter. ” Just write as you can” He said as he went to the small fridge to get a cup of milk. ” What if she tears up the letter when she sees it?” Israel asked. ” Dont say such things here, she can’t tear it” I said not confident in myself, ” What if she truly tears it?” I asked myself. ” Then I will kill her” I shouted not realizing it that I had spoken too loud. ” Kill who?” Israel asked. ” Am just rehearsing one of the characters in a movie I watched a long time ago” I said while Israel shook in pity for me. I started the letter body, I made sure I didn’t use strong words, although israel was encouraging me to. ” I hope to see your reply soon” I wrote and concluded the letter. ” I will post this tomorrow” I said to no one as I laid on the bed. ” Goodnight bro” I said to israel who was lying on his own bed and playing some sort of games. ” Goodnight” he simply replied.
• The entire room was dark, I opened my eyes while still on the bed , I couldn’t see a thing because of the darkness of the night. I heard footsteps in the room and jumped up immediately but silently. I crawled to the switch of the light and put it on. I fell down as I saw israel lying dead in his own pool of blood, the same sword mark was on his waist region, the mark is actually a zig zag mark made by the edge of the sword which was Zig Zag. ” Israel ” I said in fear as I moved silently to his body. ” You are next” I heard a voice say behind me, I turned back and met Daniel dressed in black and was holding the sword, I remembered the man in black I had seen that morning of my coming back to Lagos. ” So its really you?” I asked in anger and fear. ” No time for familiarities” he said and advance towards me with the sword, I quickly brought out my small knife from my waist side to defend myself. ” What can your knife do?” He asked laughing almost immediately swung the sword to my neck side, I was fast enough to dodge. I gave him a back leg kick which pushed him backwards, he came towards me again, I jumped up with the knife to stab his chest but right there in the air, he cut me across my waist with the sword. Slowly I fell to the ground. ” Greet my forefathers for me” he said as he bent beside me and made to cut my abdominal region with the edge of the sword. I quickly curl my leg across his neck and tightened it, the sword fell to the ground and we started rolling on the floor. Soon, he started bringing out blood from his mouth, I curl my legs tighter to his neck. To my surprise, he suddenly smiled with blood in his mouth and looked up at me. ” Wake up boy” he said and immediately I felt a sweet slap across my face. ” Idiot, wake up” I heard israel voice. ” Every night, you must act war firm in your dream” He said and he landed me another slap, I opened my eyes slowly and steadily like the slow and steady bus.


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To be continued…

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