“But please sir, I am good at teaching, I have taught up to five primary schools before” I said as I sat in front of the principal of Royalty primary School. Yes, the mission has begun. It started this beautiful Monday morning, all those involved in this mission had actually packed out of Newriton yesterday except Young Carl. I now stay in my bungalow located somewhere in Lagos state, Iyana Ipaja to be precise and luckily, the primary school sir Jude teaches in is located in Iyana Ipaja but his house a bit far from there. Christiana and Morgana stay together in a rented apartment in the same Iyana Ipaja. Israel, Matt and Daniel also stay in rented apartments, not together, they live separately. The reason for choosing rented apartments was just the simple fact that their houses weren’t nearby. Young Carl isn’t needed yet, so he still stays in Newriton. Sir Ajan had talked to us the previous day being Sunday, he gave us some tips on how to go on this assignment. ” As much as I hate to say this, I wish you guys good luck ” he had said at the end of his class.


9ja Story: Barely Twins || written by #Aooms

” Mr Gabriel Omiyi, Royalty is different from other primary schools you might know, we dont employ those with just Secondary school cert. We can’t take you” he said again, he was impatient this time. ” But sir, am..” He interrupted me. ” Mr man, you aren’t qualified to teach in Royalty primary school. ” he said again as he knotted his tie. ” why dont you just test me?” I asked him. ” Even if I test you and you are qualified for the job, I won’t still employ you because of your certificate.” He replied. ” Now if you dont mind, you may leave my office” He said pointing towards the door. I stared at him for some minutes before standing up and walking out slowly towards the door of his office, the time was just 7:30am, the day was just starting. I walked out of his office and went towards the gate, I was about stepping out of it when I noticed a small beetle car pull over in front of the gate, in the driver’s seat was Sir Jude Ike, what a wise man. I walked pass his car like I had no business with him, I then headed for my bicycle chained in a corner of the street. I climbed on it and rode home. My house isn’t that type which depicts am a spy, as a matter of fact , it looks like any other house. There isn’t any security face scan or card activating door, not even security cameras. There is only a big black gate in front of the house. In the compound is a small farm, a tomato farm, I actually love farming. There isn’t any car in the compound, I haven’t bought a car yet but there is a power bike, a power bike and two bicycles. I parked the third bicycle beside the two which have been chained to an iron in the compound, I then went into the main building. The inside of the bungalow is well furnished like that of a Bachelor, the sitting room has a glass centre table surrounded with chairs, cushion chairs. In a top corner of the sitting room is a big screen television, and below it is a decoder and a music player. The dinning is like any other dinning, a big glass table surrounded with glass chairs and a small refrigerator. There are just three rooms in the house, each room with their own toilet and bathroom, the rooms are also well furnished. There is a general kitchen just beside the dinning. ” This is the beginning of failure” I said to myself as I fell into one of the cushion chairs. I took a look at the foolish application letter I have drafted and out of anger, I tore it into piece. ” Foolish principal” I shouted as I got up and approached my small fridge in the dining. I took out a can of malt from it and took a little sip. ” This is just a waste if time” I said to myself as I looked at the white long sleeve shirt I was wearing, I remembered it had took me hours to straighten this shirt. I pulled off the shirt angrily and went into my room to change into something light, I then laid on the bed to cover up for the short sleep I had last night.
•I changed into a white short and black top, took my small camera and dipped into the pocket of the white short, I then went into the compound. I looked at my three bicycles critically before deciding to use the black one, I loosed it from its chain and out of the compound into the lonely street I rode humming an old love song by Dr Victor Olaiya. It was the evening of the same day, a cold and peaceful evening. I rode my bicycle down the lonely street, I had no where in mind, I just wanted to feel like the bachelor I am. I had finished rounding the street for about three times when I decided to at least have some fun. I changed the direction of the bicycle which prevented me from making my street tour the fourth one. I actually happen to be a bit familiar with the area, the reason wasn’t far fetched, I always do come stay in my bungalow house whenever we were given day off or holidays at Newriton. With that, I have been able to get a bit use to the area. At times, the holidays get more interesting when Israel and Matt decide to spend theirs in my house, we do go chill at a bar towards where my bicycle was heading now. I parked my bicycle outside the noisy bar, guys could be seen smoking at every corner of the bar, where two or three smokers are gathered, a girl must be in their mist. At most corners, girls could be seen occupying the laps of some of these smokers, while at other corners, the girls could be seen dancing for the guys, I just can’t understand what gives them pleasure in this kind of life.
I bounced off into the bar where the music was in its loudest, I then sat in the normal corner where I do sit whenever I was together with Matt and Israel. ” Give me a bottle of fayrouz” I said to the bar man closest to me. The man took a quick glance at me like he had expected me to order for beer or something alcoholic. ” Just Fayrouz?” He asked while I nodded. ” you can add a plate of meat to it” I said after him. He came back about 10 minutes later with a plate filled with meat and a bottle of Fayrouz, he opened the drink for me and dropped the plate on the table. ” Enjoy” he said and left. I stared at the plate of meat and for some moments wondered why I had ordered for it, I didn’t actually have the appetite for it. ” The night is cold” I heard a female voice say beside me, I turned my neck in the direction of the voice and it was one of these club girls. She was sitting just beside me and staring at me. ” I am Tobi” She said when I didn’t reply to what she said earlier. ” I am not interested” I replied. ” Not interested, that’s a nice name” she replied while I coughed out as the pepper from the meat almost choked me as I tried to laugh, her reply was actually funny. ” That isn’t my name, I mean am ain’t interested in knowing you” I replied after I had gulped down some appreciable content from the once filled bottle of Fayrouz. ” Come off it, am ain’t a club girl” She said. ” I didn’t say you were” I replied as I shifted my plate of meat to her, she passed it back to me. ” You thought I was” she said again. ” No I didn’t think you were, i-” she interrupted me. ” I only came to share your table with you, am ain’t a club girl” she said again. ” is that why you dont wanna share from my meat?” I asked. ” I an allergic to meats” she said and almost immediately the same bar man brought a plate of meat for her. ” But you said you were alle-” she interrupted again, ” Allergic to meat from strangers” She said as she picked up a piece of her meat. ” So na because of this one you no wan answer me abi?” A thick voice asked from behind us, I turned and behold three club touts were standing behind us. ” Who are they?” I asked her. ” As you can see, touts” She said staring at them. ” You no dey fear?” The same tout guy who had spoken earlier asked pushing me off my seat, I fell down flat to the ground. The club scattered immediately as people started to run away to avoid getting involved in the fight that was likely to happen, its always normal for the club to scatter all the time, the scattering of the club was mostly cursed by boys fighting for the girls, not mostly caused by that, always caused by that. As much as the scattering of the club could be of disadvantages sometimes, it was also a big advantage to those who dont have money to pay for what they had eaten. Once upon a time, i , israel and Matt had also used that avenue to escape when I couldn’t find my wallet to pay the bills. ” Guy, calm down, I have n-” I was saying but a thunderous slap from one of the tout shut my mouth. Did I tell you this about me? I have a phobia for slaps. ” You dey craze ” I said angrily in pidgin as I pushed back the tout who had slapped me, the remaining two must have been angered by the pushing as one threw a blow towards me. I caught his hands in the air lifted him up, I threw him at the other who was standing and thinking of what to do, they both fell to the ground. Out of nowhere, another tout came out with a broken bottle, he raised the bottle and made to stab my chest but I also held his hand and twisted it thereby making the bottle fall to the floor. I bent his hand to his back and with a little force, dragged it up towards his neck. I heard the cracking of his bone which was what I wanted to hear. I didn’t leave him as I straightened the broken hand and kicked him thrice on his chest, I then released him. He had no option as he fell down to the floor helplessly. The guy who had slapped me earlier advanced toward me with a loud shout, I also approached him with a flying kick and before he knew it, he was on the ground. Another one got up and took his stance, he then approached me slowly. From the way he took his stance and walked towards me, I knew he was a Yoruba guy. He came closer enough to me and threw a punch, I weaved it by moving to the right side. He threw another punch again and I weaved it by moving to the left side. He made to throw an uppercut which I simply weaved by bending my back to the ground. I went so low to the extent that I was in the same level with his knee. I looked between his legs and to my amusement, the trouser he was wearing was torn underneath, he was wearing no boxer or pant. ” Sweet” I said to myself as I gave him a hard kick between his leg, he screamed in pain as he fell down slowly to the ground, I did he Chinese get up and stood on my feet.” Your hands in the air” I heard the normal police anthem from behind, I didn’t wait to think twice before dashing out of the bar. They came after me pointing their guns but didn’t shoot, I hoped on my bicycle and rode off, they chased me with their vans. With the bicycle, I was able to pass through tight corners which their van couldn’t pass through and in no time I got to my house. Thank God I dont lock my gate when going out, I pushed the gate opened and drove my bicycle in. I parked it in a corner and headed inside the house. I was just closing the door when my eyes caught something at the back part of the door, it was boldly written with a reddish substance, probably blood. ” YOU ARE NEXT” It read, the time was 10:29pm.

To be continue……

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