Title: Mbe The Dog

” Arrgh” I shouted as I held my bleeding arms and lied on the floor of the free land beside Jude’s mansion. Apart from the spot where I was shot, there were also some other parts bleeding due to the dangerous jump through
glass made window. ” Gabi, are you okay?” Morgana asked trying to lift me up. The guards peeped through the window and started firing at us again, We quickly dodged behind the fence breathing heavily. ” This isn’t the sort of fun we planned for” Morgana said as she brought out her gun, ” Let me handle this” she added when I tried bringing out my gun. She rolled forward a little and shot randomly towards the window, I could now see people running helter scatter, People of the street. ” You are bleeding real bad” She said as she rolled back to me. ” we need to leave here as soon as possible” She said again.


” I dont want anyone to know about this” I told her holding my left hand with the right. ” The time is 2:15 now” I added looking up at her. ” come off it, you know it takes up to an hour to drive from royalty to Perfect peace considering the Lagos traffic” She said and I nodded. ” Let’s get out of here, you need to have your hand treated.” She said. ” This is a bullet, they will need a police warrant before treating me” I told her. ” Am not taking you to the hospital ” She said as she drew me up and we escaped to where my bike was parked. ” I will drive ” she said as she hopped on the front seat. ” Off course you will have to” I replied sitting beside her. I didn’t know what happened next, I only woke up to meet myself on a small bed in a small room. My left hand has been treated and there was a bandage around it though it was covered with my cloth which had been washed cleaned by God knows who. I turned left and my eyes caught the wall clock, the time was 7:30pm, I got up and sat on the strong iron bed, just then the small door the room opened and Morgana came in. ” Gabi, you slept for too long” She said sitting beside me and touching my left hand. ” How do you feel now?” She asked me. ” Much better” I replied. “Where are we?” I asked again. ” In a room” She replied.
I drove off on Gabi’s bike to a small house owned by an old native doctor, not those involved with witch craft. She had actually treated me once when I was involved in s club fight, that was back then when I was still a stripper. The time is 7:35pm and you might be wondering how it went after we left the Mr Jude’s mansion. I had driven Gabriel first to the native doctor’s place and headed back to perfect peace hotel. I Parked the bike in a safe corner and located the bush where I kept my cloth. I wore them and cleaned myself before jumping over the fence with the help of a tree in the bush. I had to swallow my fear as I climbed up through the pipe after two failed attempts. I quickly had a shower , disposed the knife and cleaned my heels, I washed my under wears and dried them on a drying line in the bathroom, I then put on my cloth. I didn’t forget to keep the key to sir Jude mansion where he kept it. At exactly 3:15pm, sir Jude showed up looking moody and tired. ” Welcome honey ” I greeted him smiling but he wasn’t smiling at all. ” What is it?” I asked him again. ” My house was attacked” he told me falling into the bed. ” My good God, what happened, what about your guards?” I asked almost shouting. ” They were all killed, only a few survived, about 6 survived” he said again rubbing his bald head with his hand. ” Am so sorry love, hope they didn’t make away with anything?” I asked caressing his back. ” No, but they left the house in a total mess” He replied. ” Oh, God, am so sorry” I said and planted a kiss on his lips. ” Am not in the mood for fun this night, why dont you allow my guards drop you at home” he said. ” Are you trying to dismiss me?” I asked angrily, ” No, I just need a clear st…” I interrupted him. ” Forget it ” I shouted as I went into the bathroom, pulled over my cloth and wore my under wears though they were wet, I wore back my clothes. I came back some minutes later and made for the door, ” Where are you going to?” He asked . ” My house ” I replied angrily. ” Let my guards drop you off” he pleaded, ” No, I know my way, if you need me, you know where to pick me, Kendrick” I said to him and walked out from the room. I went downstairs only to meet a man in boxers explaining how he was tied down by a young man, I smiled as I knew who it was, that was how I escaped from the hotel and headed home for a change of cloth, Christiana wasn’t home and the house was just like we left it the previous night. ” Hello Matt” I said as I picked my ringing phone. ” Morgana, have you heard from Gabriel, we hadn’t seen him since morning and he isn’t picking his phone” Matt said over the phone. ” Gabriel asked me to keep the secret but am trusting you on this, he went out with a girl” I said. “Oh, that must be that girl he meant in the club two days ago” Matt said laughing. ” Yes, a sort of club girl he had told me” I said, I could hear israel laughing from the background and hailing Gabriel. ” Okay Morgana, am relieved now, bye” Matt told me. ” Did you guys do anything today?” I asked him. ” No, Daniel gave us the day off, he said he was busy with something ” He replied and hung up, he is always know of minimizing airtime. I drove back to the house where Gabriel was being treated, I meant the old woman outside pounding some sort of medicine. ” Your friend is still sleeping” She said to me, ” I have been able to remove the bullet” She said again. ” Thank you mama” I said smiling and swayed inside the room she directed me to, Gabriel was still sleeping like a child, he woke up some hours later. ” So what did you find out?” I asked him after we have joked for sometimes and I had told him how he got here, that was an attribute that can’t been taken away from Gabriel, he is always making jokes from everything even in time of danger. ” I can’t explain, everything is just confusing. The only reasonable thing I fetched out is that they will be shipping something the day after tomorrow ” He replied me. ” Shipping what?” I asked him

To be continue….

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