PREVIOUSLY ON EPISODE 21 A story by Gabriel Akilozi.

Title: Jude Ike 2

The day was now dark, I and Israel were still in the sitting room, I just finish narrating my ordeals to him, I had decided not to tell him during the day as I was very tired and needed to rest, I had woken up hours later and went to work in the tomato farm while Israel assisted me in going to the market to buy some foodstuffs. It was dark after we finished all those and I thought that was the right time to tell him about my discoveries, about the picture of the young man from Atata I had seen.

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” That doesn’t still confers that there he has something to do with the young man death” Israel said looking at me. ” Then what was the young man picture doing on the laptop?” I asked smiling broadly. ” Cant you see it from the point of view that that young man can be a relative?” Israel asked clutching his fist together. ” What about the question if to kill or kidnap at the bottom of the mail?” I asked him but got no reply, he just stood staring at me. ” You see, in as much as I am not in support of what you did, I think it has given us a step ahead in this mission ” he finally said while I smiled. ” I am heading to the port tomorrow, I wanna know what they are shipping, you gonna come with me?” I asked him but he shook his head. ” No, I ain’t coming with you, I have other things to do” he said, ” Anyways, Morgana is coming with me, but you know you are a guy, you might be…” He interrupted me, ” I, Daniel and Matt got work tomorrow” he said as he put on the decoder to watch sport. ” Let this be between us, I am going to the port tomorrow” I told him and he nodded. ” just be careful” he said paying concentration on the football now being displayed. ” Wait, I hope there is nothing going on between you and Morgana?” He asked while I bursted into laughter. ” Which Morgana?” I asked him, ” The same Morgana we both know” he replied also laughing, ” You should know better bro” I said. ” And how is Adanna , did she reply that letter?” Israel asked me again, I hissed and shook my head. ” I haven’t heard from her ever since I wrote to her ” I replied, the fact that I haven’t seen or heard from Adanna was eating me up. ” hey, dont be down bro, Adanna will be fine” he said smiling at me. ” I hope so” I said as I remembered the few moments I had with her, Adanna. ” She is the best” I finally blurted out after some few minutes, ” its a goal, first goal in 10 minutes, this is superb” Israel shouted jumping up. ” Foolish boy” I murmured walking into the Kitchen. ” Dish for me, I am also hungry” he shouted after me, ” I can’t hear you” I shouted back.
I stood staring at Sir Jude in shock, I was wondering where I had gone wrong, how was he able to tell my identity as a spy? I stared at him as I thought of a quick lie but my my lying ability failed me. There were up to six guards surrounding me and there was no way I could take them all out in my own, oh, this is the moment where somebody like Gabriel is needed. ” And you also communicate with them through this ear piece” he said as he removed the small micro ear piece from my ear and crushed it. ” So you have been spying on me?” He asked angrily, ” You think I won’t know? Do you know who I am? Even Ajan your master can’t spy on me” he said taking me aback with shock, ” How did he know Sir Ajan?” I asked myself , ” Aren’t you gonna say anything?” He asked ” Yeah, I am a spy but I am not spying on you” I tried defending myself. ” Shut up, Matt my boy already told me everything” he shouted in anger, I stared at him in shock. ” Surprised? Yeah, Matt my humble boy ” he said again, ” Matt, I never expected this from you” I thought to myself in anger, ” God, just give me a chance to let hold of that f—–g son of a b—h” I thought again. ” He also told me about, Christiana, Gabriel, Daniel, and Israel. So tell them I am also coming for them” he said smiling while I swallowed my spit in anger. “How am I sure you weren’t the one that attacked my house yesterday?” He asked, ” I wasn’t the one” I told him confidently. ” Then where were you at around 2:00 yesterday?” He asked angrily, ” I was in the room” I said again, more confident. Mean while, the people in the club had started running away. ” hahaha, You think you are smart” he said laughing. ” How do you mean?” I asked now looking scared, ” You see, I had ordered one of my guards to deliver a flower as a surprise to you around 2:00, to achieve that I had given him the spare key to that room. He got to the room and met the door locked, with the help of the spare key, he was able to gain access into the room only to meet everywhere empty” he said laughing. ” I was in the swimming pool at the back of the hotel” I quickly lied. ” That doesn’t change the fact that you are a spy and you have been instructed to spy in me with your colleague, I will like to meet them one day” He said laughing wickedly as he stood up from the chair and walked out. “Take her, Beat her up and lock her, we will also ship her along with the rest tomorrow” he heard him say to his boys before finally existing the club which was now as silent as grave yard as everyone had run away in anticipation of what was to happen next. There was no point fighting as I had no chance against the six guards, this isn’t a movie where Jackie Chan will fight against 20 people and escape, this was real life. ” Search her first” I heard one of the guards tell the rest, ” Off course we go search am” another one said as he pushed me to the floor and started touching my body, he got to the waist region and felt the gun, he drew up my gown without shame or fear, he removed the gun from my bomb short. ” Fine girl like you” he said as he searched further to my heels and took the knife.

To be continue…..

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