Title: Save Our Soul

They shooting increased towards but I wasn’t touched, the bushes and trees serve as hindrance for the free movement of the bullet. I looked up slightly and I saw that they were already rushing them into the ship. ” I can’t let this happen” I thought to myself. I tucked my pistol into my side as I made to crawl to the part of the bush which had grown on the sea.




” I can see his movement” One shouted as they opened fire towards my direction this time, I quickly did a front roll and dived into the sea. I stayed calm in the sea, another good advantage of my training days. ” Just shoot!!!” I heard another shout and they resume firing, this time into the sea. ” Pack them in fast ” Another one shouted to the man who was shipping them in. I swam calmly to the bottom of the ship, obviously my swimming created stirs in the water. ” He is moving this way” I heard another shout and the shooting resumed in my direction. ” He is near the ship, he must be killed” came another shout. They wails and cries became louder, the people to be trafficked had suddenly had hope in life again. I brought my head up a little but wasn’t lucky as the guy who was leading them in caught a glimpse of me, he ran towards the edge of the ship and started firing but he didn’t get me. He stopped the firing for some seconds and stared blankly at the still water. From nowhere, I came out with a swift and dragged him into the water through his head, he was taken by shock, he hadn’t obviously expected that. I immediately brought out one of my knives and planted it in the left side of his chest. The rest resume firing again, this time more vigorously and violently. I released the young man who was now dead, I allowed his body float on the sea. ” Bring him out ” I heard one of the guards instruct the others, ” Someone put a call to sir Jude, tell him we are under attack” said another guard. ” His he still alive, where is the doctor?” Another one asked. I seized that opportunity and jumped out of the water into the ship. ” Over there” Came the shout but they couldn’t shoot as they didn’t want to end up killing those to be trafficked. Nevertheless, they came after me. The inner part of the ship wasn’t beautifully decorated like I thought it would be, it was made of strong ancient woods and had all this ancient furniture scattered about, there were wooden tables and chairs, a water pot made with wood stood independently in a corner of the ship. There is a small opening leading to the underground of the ship, that is mostly where important activities are being held. I went down the stairs of the opening, it led me to the underground part of the ship. It was a different place compared to the upper part, it was beautifully decorated with nice smell and modern materials, there were doors on both side, doors with tags above them. I could see the lab, Computer Unit, V.I.P section and kitchen. All were locked except the lab. I pushed the door open and entered into the lab, I saw two scientist in lab coats preparing a kind of chemical, they stopped as they saw me, their faces depicted fear . ” Who are you?” One asked in a clean and calm accent, I looked around the lab and all I could see where fresh skulls of once living souls. ” Who the f–k are you?” Another one asked me, he happen to be a white man with grey hairs. ” Sorry I didn’t introduce myself, I am a killer, but my friends call me kill for short” I said smiling in my mask, I love making jokes from everything. ” Please, this isn’t a place for jokes” The white man said feeling more confident. ” yes, I ain’t also joking here” I said bringing out my gun and pointing it directly at the grey headed scientist. ” Please put down the gun” He said now shaking. ” I promise not to harm you, just come forward” I ordered the both of them and sure they started moving towards me. ” Now I need a comprehensive detail of what this is all about” I said pointing my gun at the skulls and also at the chemicals behind prepared and then to their heads. “We transport this skulls for exhibition to big lab across the globe and in exchange are being paid a huge amount of money” The younger scientist said shivering, I nodded my head and urged him to continue. ” The chemical is for extracting the skin away from the skeleton” he said again and I nodded. Just then I thought I heard footsteps outside, ” Shhhh” I gestured to them as I stood behind the door. I gestured to them to continue working and they did. The door opened slowly and brought to view a man in suit, another guard. ” Gweko, did you see any body, any man in black, he is with a gun?” The man in suit asked but the scientists shook their heads. ” we are under attack, be alert and hyper” he said as he turned back to meet me standing behind him, I had already bolted the door. I rushed towards him and made to stab him on the chest but he held my hand and gave me a punch which pushed my face backward, I quickly released a back kick to his chest and he also staggered backward. I jumped up with the knife to stab him , he quickly moved away and I ended up stabbing the white lab table, the knife stuck into it. I let go of the knife and turned to him, he flew and delivered a spear to me, that is hitting my stomach heavily with his muscular shoulder. He made to reach for his gun which was in his suit but I gave him a kick across his face and he fell to the floor. I did a Chinese get up and stood upright, he did a front roll and got up, I threw a punch which he weaved by bending down, almost immediately he carried me up and threw me backwards hoping I would fall. I didn’t fall as I stood still on my feet, I waited for him to turn before giving him a kick to his head, he tried maintaining his balance, I didn’t let him be and I jumped with a double kick to his head again, he fell down and rolled under a table, I also took cover behind a chair as he brought out his gun and started shooting. I noticed the chair breaking off as a result of the excessive bullets, I quickly jumped over to another chair and also started firing back. All this while, the two scientist just stood staring at us shivering, other guards were no banging the door furiously. His gun stopped firing, it was obvious his bullets were exhausted, ” S–t!!” He shouted as he threw the gun across the table but he still protected himself behind the table. I smiled to myself as I kept my gun and dive out throwing a knife at him, the knife caught his left hand, I hardly miss my targets, all thanks to sir Ajan. ” Argggh” he screamed as he rolled away from behind the table, I also rolled forward towards him. ” Take this” I shouted landing him a kick by his side, he rolled and fell to the floor breathing heavily. I drew him up and raised him with my both hands and landed him on a table. I brought out another knife and made to stab him, but he held my hand and almost immediately, gave me a kick to my head. I staggered back due to the impact of the kick, he got up and threw a punch but I caught his hand on the air. Still holding his right hand with my left hand, I did a quick turn and gave him a flying back leg kick. He fell down slowly to the ground, I also fell down as a result of the stunt. He tried getting up again but I pushed his head back to the ground with my leg, I rested the leg on his head. Like a flash he raised his hand and opened some part of my mask, I quickly dropped his hand as he had removed it to my eyes region ” You think this is the end? They will get you, If not here then in Atata. One day, your skull shall also be used for exhibition Gabriel” he smiled, I unlatched my gun and released two shot to his head. ” This will also be their fate” I said spitting on him although I had fear in his words. The other guards were now banging the door real hard, they tried shooting it down but how on earth are they meant to bring down an iron made door with a gun? ” That was a sweet fight, isn’t it?” I asked the two scientists who were now sweating profusely, ” please dont harm us” the grey headed man pleaded, ” I promise I won’t harm you” I said as I turned towards the small window made of glass, it leads directly to the sea. ” Thank you” The younger one said and I stopped. ” You know what?” I asked him, ” What?” They asked in union, ” I don’t keep to my promises” I said and shot at them, they both died instantly. I looked around and saw an empty bag, I picked it up and kept a container containing the chemical into it, I also carried two skull along. I then went toward the window and dived into the sea.
Life is just funny, it can get twisted at anytime, you dont decide life, it comes to you how it want, the end you think might be the beginning while the beginning can just be the end. I never thought there would be hope to live again, I have already viewed myself as a dead young lady, I never knew there would be an atom of hope, all thanks to Gabriel. Most of the guards ran into the ship leaving us behind with some policemen and two guards, that reminds me, it was unbelievable how a governmental body like the police force could involve themselves in such evil act of trafficking teenagers, little wonder why sir Jude is still free, the police probably knows about it but kept quiet due to the tips they get from it, hmm, what a world. I stood there with my hand chained, my legs were free. ” I can at least do something” I thought to myself. There was a police man in front of me, he was backing me. I spread my hands wide open to the extent the chain permit, I then used it to hold his neck taking him by shock. I immediately tightened my grip and drew him closer to me thereby using him as a guard to prevent bullets from the others who were now pointing their guns at me. ” Shoot and kill him” I shouted as they still pointed their guns towards me. ” Please dont shoot ” The police man begged as I tightened the grip on his neck. ” Drop him down” One of the men in suit shouted to me so also other police men. ” Just co operate with me” I whispered to the police man as I drew him backwards towards the sea, ” please dont kill me” he begged, “I won’t kill you” I whispered again still moving backwards towards the sea and using him as my guide. ” Just follow me ” I whispered as I started descending into the water with him. ” Aunty I can’t swim” he said sweating profusely as we decided into the water, ” That makes my work easier” I replied him as the water was now on our neck region. I released his neck and pushed his head down, he tried struggling to get freed but I overpowered and pushed him into the water. I made sure he had enough water before releasing him to float on the water, I removed his gun and came out of the water, I crawled to the bushy land area and took cover there. I tried shooting but all of a sudden I fell and passed out, the pain was too much.
“Ada!!” My mom called that night from the kitchen, I knew what it was for, I hadn’t gone to fetch water that morning, I had played being lazy as I was depressed. ” Mama” I said as I entered the kitchen, ” Adanna, what’s wrong with you, there isn’t water in the house and you are inside lying down. How do I cook for your father now?” She asked angrily, ” Mama am tired” I said with an awkward body movement. ” My friend will you take that pot and run to the stream” she shouted angrily while I went to a side of the kitchen for the pot. ” Let this spit not get dried before you come back” she said and swayed out angrily. “Mama Ada, take it easy on her” I heard my dad say from the compound, ” You are the one spoiling her” my mom replied him as I swayed and pass them to the stream.
• I had finish fetching the water and was about placing it on my head when I heard the rustling of the bush, I turned to see what it was but saw nothing, I discarded it as the movement of rabbits or probably birds. I continued what I was doing as I carried the water pot to my head level, ” Adanna” I heard my name and immediately dropped the water pot which got broken. Then from among the bushes, I noticed a kind of movement, someone was approaching. I drew up my small waist wrapper and took to my heels immediately but it was like I wasn’t running as I continued to hear the footsteps behind me, I turned to see who it was and that was when I staggered and fell. The person closed up on me, he was putting on a mask and was dressed in all black, ” Indeed, you are the most beautiful maiden of Atata” he said as he brought out a sword from his back.

To be continue………..

A story by Gabriel Akilozi.

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