Title: Another Mystery

I swam out of the sea and found my way to the bushy area of the port, I took cover among the bushes as I created a small opening among the bushes to enable me see through, to my surprise, I saw the guards approaching me. I quickly brought out my gun and prepared to fire, but something was strange. There weren’t looking towards my direction, they were actually heading towards the sea. ” He is dead” I heard one of them say as he brought out the swelled body of a policeman, ” She killed him” he added turning to the others. ” Where is she?”

another asked , ” She might probably be some where inside the water” Came the reply from another. I knew the she they were referring to was Morgana, she must have probably looked for an escape means and dived into the sea, that’s how mischievous she could be. I notice some guards come out of the ship, they came out with the dead bodies of the two scientist and the guard I had a fight with, their coming out drew the attentions of the others as they rushed towards them and started conversing, I couldn’t hear what they were talking about, I only saw them drop the bodies into the sea. ” The ship is free, Move them in!!!” One of the guards who had just come out of the ship shouted to the others and immediately, they started rushing those to be trafficked into the ship. ” I must do something” I said to myself as I made to crawl toward the water again, but something stopped me. I felt my hand touch something fresh, like a human body. I looked closely at the body and it was Morgana in only a bomb short and a bra, I checked her pulse and it was fine, she had only fainted. ” I pray I get this” I said silently as I gave her the mouth to mouth respiration which I had never done before, soon she coughed back to life. ” who are you” She asked silently as i was with a mask. ” Thank God you are back” I said also smiling as I opened my mask for her to see my face and wore it back immediately. I gave her my jacket to cover herself but her chained hands prevented her from wearing them so I took it back. ” Were you kissing me?” She asked with a frown face and she put on the jacket. “No time for the for joke, the fight is still on, stay here and keep guide and watch this, am going to the ship” I said silently to her as dropped the bag containing the skulls and chemicals and made to crawl away but she drew me back. ” Am coming with you” She said smiling as she picked up a gun from the floor with her chained hands. ” No, you can’t.. ” she interrupted me ” You know you can’t stop me, you have to back me along” she said still smiling as climbed my back. I had no other option that to go with her, I crawled silently into the sea, I then swam to the lab window where I had come out from. ” Go in” I said to her as she struggled with her chained hands and went into the lab, I followed suite. ” You look horrible” I said to her as I slept on the floor of the lab after coming out from the sea. ” Those guys are heartless” She said , ” How do I take this chain off?” She asked while I stared blankly at her, ” I dont have the keys” I replied awkwardly, ” I know you dont have the keys, any alternative means?” She asked again while I shook my head, ” You have to go that way” I told her and dropped the bag containing the Skulls and chemical. With my gun gripped by my both hands and raised slightly above my head, I turned to her ” Let’s Go” I said as I moved sideways towards the door, she followed me slowly due to the restriction of her free movement by her chained hands. ” please stop staring at me, you are making me ashamed, see am almost naked” she said looking down at herself, ” Hey am not thinking of that ” I replied still staring at her, the gun was still balanced on my both hands. I removed my jacket, I removed some knives from it and placed them in my trouser ” I dont need it” I said dropping the jacket on the table. ” You want your white stained with blood?” Morgana asked smiling. Wails and cries could now be clearly heard from above, that was a sign that they were already being shipped into the ship. I opened the door slowly and peeped outside, it was free” Let’s go” I said to Morgana and walked sideways outside, she followed behind. We were lucky as there was a small saw beside the ladder like stairs which lead up, with it we were able to cut off the chain from Morgana hand. ” How good it feels to be free again” She said stretching her hand happily. ” What do we do now?” I asked her after the chain had been cut off her hand, ” Let’s go up there” She suggested. ” That would be dangerous, they migh…” She interrupted. ” They won’t get us, we will just stay up here the stairs, we won’t go out fully, the door leading to the up will be our guide. ” She said surveying the area and looking up. Also looking up, I understood what she was trying to point out, we would just climb up to the last part of the stairs and won’t go out fully, we will use the door leading upwards as our cover and we can attack from there. “Okay” I said as I climbed up the ladder like stairs, she followed behind. I got to the extreme top and peeped through by pushing the door slightly up, two guards were inside while the rest were outside. ” They are two” I told her as I cocked my gun, ” Be careful not to misfire and kill those innocent children” She said also peeping through, ” Or maybe I should take it? ” she asked, she was better than I am in using a gun. ” Okay then, be careful” I said creating space for her, the next thing that followed was the gunshot and she turned to me smiling. ” They are down” She said as she alighted down the stairs, I jumped down and hid behind a thin wooden pillar, she stood beside me. Soon we could both hear the up door open and someone climbing down the stairs, I peeped and it was another man in suit. He finally alighted from the stairs and looked around carefully and came in our direction, he stopped some metres before getting to us. ” I know you are there, come out. Your shadow has betrayed you” he said , we looked down and truly our shadows were standing just as we were standing but only mine was visible to him from where he was standing.” Do you really want me to come out?” I asked trying to be brave , ” You can save yourself the promised land if you can surrender yourself” he said and shot at the wooden pillar. I held tight to my gun as I took a deep breath, ” Stay here” I whispered to Morgana and she nodded. I dived on the floor in the direction of the lab and shot at him, he quickly took cover behind another Pillar while I took cover by the door of the lab. ” I can see you like this the hard way, there is no way you can escape here , why dont we talk as men?” He asked. ” Then drop your gun” I said after an afterthought. ” Okay” he said and threw his gun on the floor, I also dropped mine and communicated using my hands with Morgana who was still standing by the pillar, she understood what I had said and she nodded. ” Am out now” I said coming out of my hiding, he also came out with another pistol and pointed it at me. ” Guess what?” He said pointing the gun at me, I rose my hands up slowly. ” I dont keep to my words” he said and cocked the gun, ” And guess what?” I also said, ” What?” He asked smiling, I dropped down my hand and smiled back. ” Unlike you, am not a one man army” I replied him. immediately, Morgana came out from her hiding and shot him dead. ” Sweet” she said adjusting her bra. ” Please stop staring” she said while I took my eyes off her. ” I think we should..” I was about saying when the up door opened again, we quickly took cover beside the stairs. They were about five in numbers, I think they were the last set of guards in the ship. “He is dead” One said as he felt the pulse of the dead guard on the floor. ” They are still somewhere here” Another one added and with that they surrounded the whole space. ” There is no escaping for them now” another said, he was right, there was no escape for us, we were well surrounded. We remained where we were without moving an inch so as not to end our existence. Suddenly, the up door opened and gunshot could be heard everywhere , I closed my eyes as I held tight to Morgana. The gunshot stopped almost immediately as it as started and everywhere became calm. I opened my eyes and peeped , the whole guards were dead, there was only someone with black short and a thick black singlet, he was backing us as he didn’t know we were there. He was holding a gun and also putting on a black canvas. ” Thank you” Morgana said from behind, the guy turned to us immediately , lo and behold, it was Israel. ” You guys are alive?” He asked smiling as he ran to us.
” Please dont harm me” I said as I dragged myself on the floor, Shaking his head and twisting his sword, he replied” Dont worry, If I kill you, Gabriel will avenge your death” he had said. ” please I dont want to die now” I begged gesturing with my hands, my b—-t wrapper has loosened but I wasn’t bothered as this man in black didn’t look like he was interested in my b—-t. ” Wow, I know see why Gabriel really want you” he said, he was now staring at my b—-t. ” Anyways, I am here to do my Job” he continued as he brought the sword to my waist level, ” Let me tell you this, by tomorrow, Eze Ani the chief priest of Ani will say you were killed by the gods, dont say its me o” he added, he seem to be smiling this time as his mask widened. I felt the sword touch me, I felt a little pain, and suddenly there was a rustling in the bush. He stopped and turned towards where the noise had come from but saw no one. ” I think the birds are playing pranks” He said again as he made to continue. Like a flash, another man in black appeared from no where, he gave a swinging kick to the guy who was trying to kill me, the guy fell down, he was obviously taken by surprise. The new guy was wearing a short tight knicker, a black top and also a mask. He was with a sword like the one in the killer’s hand . The killer guy advance towards him with the sword and rose it up to strike him but my saviour guided with his own sword above his head and one knee on the ground. He immediately did a sweeping kick and swept the killer man off the ground, he made to strike him on the stomach but the killer man rolled on the floor and sprang up, before we knew it, the killer man had gone. My saviour took my chest wrapper and tied it across my b—-t and then carried me to a safe place, he cut some herbs and rubbed it on the bleeding area of my waist where the killer guy had started cutting. ” Who are you?” I asked shivering. ” Will you just shut up?” He asked in a thick voice, ” Thank you ” I said to him but he didn’t reply as cleaned up my wound. ” You can go home now” he said after he was done, ” Can’t I know who you are?” I asked as I tried removing his mask, ” No, dont try it” he said and pushed my hand away, he had a very thick and sorrowful voice. He turned and started walking away, he had a good and fast walking steps. ” Let me at least know your name” I shouted and he stopped , turned to me and waved his hands, ” Call me JASON” he shouted back and then he was out of sight.

To be continue…….

A story by Gabriel Akilozi.
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