Title: Jason

Rubbing the squeezed leaves on Morgana face, Mama took a breath and turned to I and Israel ” Your friend is fine” Mama told us as Morgana laid on the bed in Mama small room. Mama was the same woman who had treated me when I was shot. ” Thank you mama” Israel said to the old woman. ”





What kind of work do you guys do that warrant you getting almost all the times, why are the both of you dressed in black?” Mama asked turning to myself and Israel, ” We are..” Israel stammered as he thought of what to say, ” We are spies Mama” I chipped in while israel turned to me in shock, ” We shouldn’t lie to the old woman” I whispered to him. “What a dangerous job, now I understand” She had said to us and left the room. ” What the hell did you just do?” israel asked immediately mama had left, ” Nothing ” I simply replied sitting on the bed side with Morgana who we had brought here some hours ago after she had passed out again, I tried the mouth to mouth respiration, it didn’t revive her. I didn’t believe we could have made it alive from the port some few hours ago, the unexpected had actually happened. We had tried losing the captives when two vans arrived at the port, they were filled with guards, more men in suits. They were about fifty and the three of us didn’t stand a chance against them, we had to jump into the sea and find a way of escaping, it was in the course of this escape that Morgana had passed out and I had to bring her to mama, the old local nurse. ” That was a mess” I turned to Israel who was still standing at a corner of the room. Looking up the ceiling, ” Big mess” Israel replied. ” what is there to do now?” I asked him, “Nothing, Sir Jude might probably know about this and escape” Israel replied. ” Well, we had mess up this miss…” Israel interrupted, ” I wonder want Sir Ajan will do about this”he said , ” We didn’t inform the rest” I added as I placed my hands on my head. I felt Morgana stir, I turned to her and she was already awake. ” What happened to me?” She asked placing her left palm on her head and looking from me to israel. ” You passed out again” I simply replied, ” Oh!! now I remember ” She said still holding her head. ” Matt is behind this” she added while we turned to her, ” Matt behind what?” I and Israel asked in union, ” He had been working with Sir Jude all this while, he had been blackmailing us” Morgana added while I bursted into laughter, ” You saw that in your dream right?” I asked still laughing but she shook her head. ” Nope, that night I went to the club, Sir Jude showed me the mark on my wrist and told me he knew I was a spy, he said he got connections everywhere and that Matt is one of his boys” Morgana explained. ” Why will he tell you about Mark, isn’t it meant to be a secret?” israel asked, ” He told me because , he thought I won’t live again, they had plan shipping me so he thought telling me would weaken me as I won’t be able to do anything.” I can’t believe this, Matt can’t do such” I said turning to israel, ” I believe this” israel added silently. ” You believe it?” I asked him, ” Yeah, Matt have been behaving strange lately, always night walking, he is full of secrets” Israel explained, ” Then let’s deal with him” Morgana added looking angry, I shook my head in disapproval. ” We have no tangible evidence that Matt is behind this, we have to watch him” I said, ” Let’s report this to Daniel” I suggested, ” I haven’t even heard from Daniel” Morgana said lying on the bed again, ” He went to Lokoja to see his Mom, she is Sick” Israel told us. ” I see” I simply said as I looked at the possibility of Matt being a betrayal, ” Matt, I never see this coming ” I thought to myself as I placed my both hands on my head.
” Hmm Eze Ani, the chief priest of Ani should hear of this ” My father said the money after I had narrated my ordeals at the stream the previous night to him. My mom sitting beside me on my bed and thanking Chukwu for keeping me alive. ” Dad, I dont think Eze Ani should be told about this” I said to my dad who was thinking deeply with his walking sticks clutched to his hands. ” Why my daughter?” He asked me twisting his mouth like I use to do, I actually learnt that from him. ” Because I think Eze Ani knows about this, maybe he just deceive the people with the stories of the gods” o replied him ” Tufia!!” He shouted, ” Dont say such of Eze Ani, the chief priest of Ani ever again” he rebuked why I nodded my head, ” But Nnayi, I think she is right, Eze Ani shouldn’t be bothered about this ” My mom talked for the first time, my dad didn’t reply as he only hit his walking stick on the floor and Stood up. ” If you don’t want me to tell Eze Ani about this, then so be it. But I hope there is nothing you are hiding from me? ” he asked, he had already gotten to the door. ” Papa, there is nothing ” I replied him as I rested my head on my iron bed. ” Sorry my daughter ” My mom consoled as she touched the injured spot slightly with her hands. ” Sorry” she said again.
° My mind kept drifting back to that guy, my saviour as I would call him. I wish I had seen his face, he was tall, muscular and by my instincts, he might also be very handsome. His voice was thick and sorrowful like he was suffering from something, he had this tone of revenge when he spoke. That my killer must have been a coward , he couldn’t stand Jason so he had to run away. Hmmm, now to Eze Ani, what should I say about him? I can’t say he is a liar as he is the priest of the gods, but the killer had made it clear the previous day that he would kill and Eze Ani will say its the gods, how do I explain that? Anyways, Eze Ani is the chief priest of Ani, and the Chief priest of Ani isn’t a liar.
” Adanna” I heard my name from the outside if the compound, I knew whose voice it was, it was Alvana’s voice. I got up slowly and walked outside my hut, he was standing at the entrance if the compound, he was just with his cutlass and hoe. ” Alvana, good morning” I greeted from a distance as I walked slowly to him,” Adanna, what happened to you?” He asked as he came into the compound, he was staring at my wound and he looked really concerned. ” I was attacked” I told him as I rested my back on the wall, ” I was almost killed ” I said again, he had the expression of shock written all over his face, ” Who will want you dead? ” he asked, ” He was dressed in all black, he was also with a mask so I couldn’t see him” I explained further, Alvana had already dropped his how and cutlass.” He was with a sword and tried killing me” I said as tears started dropping off my eyes. ” Dont cry, at least you are alive, let’s thank God” Alvana consoled and I wiped my face. ” How did you escape?” He asked in after a while, ” Another guy with a Mask came to rescue me, he told me his name Is JASON” I told Alvana. ” Jason? Jason? Hmm, Jason? Okay, we thank God you are alive” he said to he smiling while I nodded, ” I was heading to the farm so I decided to stop by and greet you” Alvana said smiling again and I nodded. ” you said his name was Jason right?” Alvana asked again as he made to exit the compound , I nodded again and walked in slowly. ” Thank you Jason” I said silently as I walked into the hut ” You are welcome” I heard someone say behind me, I turned back and saw no one, Oh, it was a mere illusion.
” Sir Jude ti fi ilu le” Israel said to me in his normal Yoruba language one morning as I sat in my sitting room reading a magazine, we were all preparing to leave for Newriton the next day, its no surprise sir Ajan had also heard about it. ” Sir Jude has fled town” Israel translated in English while I took a deep breath, I was the cause of all this, I took the wrong approach towards the mission.
•The fresh air of Newriton welcomed us back as we drove to Newriton that night, it was I, Israel, Morgana, Matt and Christiana. The news of how we had f—-d up on the mission had been known to all after we discovered some days ago that Sir Jude had fled from town. They all put the blame on me, even Christiana who had always taken my side didn’t take it this time. ” I am sorry guys” I said as we alighted our bikes, we were now at Newriton. ” Say that to sir Ajan” Matt said angrily and walked away, israel and Morgana gave me an eye, like ”

To be continued…….

A story by Gabriel Akilozi.

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