Title: Meet Tonia

” Gabriel!!” Adanna shouted my name from the sitting room, I know whatever she is calling me for, it isn’t something meaningful. ” Yes” I answered as I walked to her from the bedroom, she was watching a love movie. ” look at that man, see how he is holding his wife, come and hold me like that” She demanded pointing to the television, I simply hissed and made to go back to the room. ” If you go ehen” she threatened and I stopped. ” Joy, can’t you just let me rest, am busy inside putting some things together” I shouted calling her by her English name. ” Oya, please now, come and stay with me” she begged but I stood still, then she twisted her mouth like she would always do whenever she wanted something from me, that twisting of her mouth, do actually get me. I walked and sat with her on the couch, I wrapped my hand around her waist and she rested her head on my shoulders. ” I love you” she said kissing my cheeks and laughing at my frowned face, it got me and I laughed back, that was why she is my wife, to always disturb me. Looking back, I find it difficult to believe that this was the same Adanna back then in the village, the village girl I loved and I tried my possible best to get her. She used to play hard to get then, not actually play hard to get, she was hard to get then. It actually took me a great deal of perseverance and tolerance to get her, kudos to me. ” Can’t you just for one day take me out to all this beautiful places, just like the way lovers do?” She asked bringing me out of my thought, ” sorry to disappoint you, we aren’t lovers, we are couples” I told her focusing on the movie, I wasn’t actually watching the movie. ” Big head, all couples love themselves, so they are lovers” She said hitting my chest
playfully, ” Okay, have heard you” I said in a bid to stop the conversation. ” Hey, you’ve heard, does that mean you are taking me out?” She asked but I didn’t answer her, ” Then I take that as a yes” she said and placed her head on my laps, soon , she was in dreamland.



I am Tonia Medesh, but you call me Toni. I am a young girl of 20 years and an aspiring spy. I came into the institute about some months ago and since then, it has been trainings, trainings all through. My mom had single handedly trained me ever since my dad died, he died when I was 17 years old, 3 years ago. My mom is an illiterate but she wants the best for me, she had sold all she had to send me to school but I wasn’t really interested in school. I wanted to be a fighter, a big time crime fighter. This wasn’t actually my dream from childhood, I had wanted to be like all other kids, become a medical doctor, wear a lab coat and work in an office. But all these changed the night my dad was killed, he was killed right in front of our eyes, I and my mother. He was our backbone, with him, we had nothing to worry about. We were moderately rich then and that was okay for us. Then that night, I would never and won’t forget that night, the night when my dad was murdered. We were all in the sitting room that night when a man in black bumped in, he was all in black but his face was visible, he was a tall
handsome , young man, he came with a sword, and without saying anything, he killed my dad. He beheaded my dad and
took the head away, he didn’t think about us, he just left us fatherless. Although his face was visible, but if I see him again, I won’t recognize him. All I can remember about him was that he was a fine, young man. And that was all that killed my dream, ever since then, I had always wanted to be a crime fighter, not because my father was killed, but because of others to die. It had been tough all the way, very tough I must say. It had been from one trainings to the other, sir Ajan hasn’t been useful either, he just finds pleasure in being tough. I am Tonia Medesh, and all I am interested in is not Revenge. Okay, that’s enough of me, you already know me. So to the present. ” Toni, fight George” Sir Ajan ordered staring at me, ” Sir!!” I said in shock, George is a very skillful fighter and I stand no chance against him. George is that type of guy you refer to as fast learners, very strong and fast, he shouldn’t be among the beginners like me. ” Get to the stage and fight George” He ordered pointing to the stage, I had no option than to walk slowly into the round battle ground where
George was already standing. ” Dont beat me much” I begged as I took my stance, apart from the fact that he is strong, he is also a very nice guy. ” Promise ” He smiled and he also took his stance. ” fight!!” Sir Ajan ordered hitting his stick on the hard ground, we started circulating each other. I bounced forward and threw the first kick, but he simply brushed it off with his hands, ” This guy is evil” I
breathed to myself as I did a back flip before he would kick me back, unfortunately, before I landed, I was welcomed by a one leg flying kick, I fell down immediately with no hopes of getting up. ” Am sorry” I heard George say as he drew me up through my hands,
” Toni, you gat a hell of work to do” I heard sir Ajan’s rude voice before he left angrily. ” George, that was painful” I pinched his chest playfully, ” Am sorry” he begged holding my waist.


” Fight” I shouted to my fiance Morgana as we stood opposite each other, we were having our normal evening trainings. ” Jason, remember you beat me yesterday, let me beat you today” She pleaded, that is how she does everyday. “Morgana, you are a spy, you should not
be scared” I smiled, ” But you are more stronger than I am” She countered moving slowly towards me, ” As they will say, let’s die” I said in the normal Newriton culture and ran towards her, “wait, wait!!!” She shouted and I immediately stopped. ” you are my boyfriend and we shouldn’t be fighting” She said holding my waist and smiling, ” We aren’t fighting, we are training” I corrected. ” okay, am not training again” She shouted and walked away, ” Meet me inside “she shouted as I stared at her waist as she swayed inside. ” Coward” I breathed and ran after her.


” Shey I tell you say I go win you” Matt boasted as he held the tennis bat, surely, he had won me again. ” Okay, let’s go one more round” I begged as I raced the tennis ball with my bat, ” Okay, let me beat you again” He boasted and I served the ball. We played for about fifteen
minutes and at the end, he won again, he is really good in the game of tennis. ” Tell me israel, what do you think about the prisoners that escaped from Newriton?” He asked me as we walked out of the sport complex, ” It’s their luck, God was happy with them that day” I replied with a smile, ” That is very unusual of Newriton, it had never happened” He shook his head, ” Everything starts in a day bro” I smiled patting his shoulder and walking ahead, ” But remember, Daniel also escaped” he reminded while I nodded my head, ” He is a born again” I shouted spreading my hands, ” Maybe” I heard Matt say as he jogged after me. Matt is my best spy friend, it used to be Gabriel, but now the idiot is a married man, I hate moving with married men, they look old for my liking. Matt happens to be a young spy like me, we both live in Lagos but in separate places not far from each other. You might mistake us for siblings if you happen to be meeting us for the first time, he is always with him and I am also always with me except of course at night, I spend the night with my girlfriend, hey dont ask me who, I have a girlfriend, Anna Ikechuckwu, a girl I met after my last successful mission, the mission I call ” The getting of Daniel”. I was the main
man in the mission, I did almost all the job in getting Daniel, dont think I am lying, I threw the knife at his leg when Morgana
led him into the bush, so you see, I am the main man. So I met Ann after the mission, I actually met her in Atata, she isn’t actually an indigene of Atata, she is a civilized student of the university of Lagos, she only came for an excursion, thank God she came that period, I
shouldn’t have gotten her. Ann is beautiful, shapeful, tall, fair, her skin is like, Oh my God, just like that of an Angel, glowing like the morning sun. She has that kind of smile that can send you to your grave if you aren’t careful, her touch alone can make me tell her all my
life secret except the one of I am a spy, else, that evil spirit they call Sir Ajan might expel or suspend me. Anyways, to say the truth, Ann is that kind of girl every guy want, she is every man’s dream, I mean every man, even married men. She is a student of law in the university of Lagos, she is an Igbo girl from Imo state, she lives outside campus in a two room self contain, she lives comfortably because as she told me, her parents are rich and I am also there to support her. ” Israel” Matt brought me back from my thought, ” What is it?” I asked him, ” You are passing your house” He said, I turned back and truly, I was two houses after mine.


I am Christiana as you all know, a well trained spy from Newriton but as at now, I happen to be on suspension just because of a small offence, I didn’t do it on purpose, it was just out of love. I loved Gabriel and wanted him to be mine, I didn’t want him for Adanna, so as a girl, I had to spoil things between them by using a letter which later backfired, I hope it doesn’t continue to. I have forgotten about Gabriel when I met my new guy, Carlos. He showed me love beyond redemption and soon, he swept me off my feet, I fell badly in love with him. Anyways, that isn’t the problem now, all I need back is my family, my fellow secret spies, we have a lot of mysteries to unravel together, time to spend together. My beeping phone interrupted my thought,it was an unknown call. I picked the phone and placed it on my ear, ” Hello, Good evening, this a call from Newriton welfare unit, Christiana, your suspension has been called off” The voice from the other end of the phone came and the line went dead, I couldn’t believe my ears, I knew it would be called off but I never expected it this soon, time to call my family, let’s burst some brains together. I sat on my bed that fateful morning just thinking about life, it is funny how Daniel managed to escape from Newriton, even with the security facilities there, the person who must have facilitated the escape must be an expert. I know sooner or later, Daniel might wanna take revenge on us, but before then, Newriton won’t call us. I turned to look at my sleeping wife, I wish she knew who I am, I wish she knows am a spy, I wish I could just wake her up and tell her: ” Adanna, am a spy” but I just can’t, Sir Ajan says its meant to be a secret, a big secret because you can trust no one, not even your wife. That’s how big and difficult it is to be a spy, you must tell no one about who you are, and you shouldmprepare your mind to die at anytime without telling out who you are. ”
Hello” I greeted as I picked my ringing phone on my bed, it was Christiana the betrayal, she broke one of the minor rules in Newriton, but she betrayed me. ” Gabriel I was called back two days ago” She informed me, I simply smiled. ” Hey, hope you won’t do any rubbish again?” I asked her trying hard to be cheerful , ” No, I won’t do anything to them, am sorry” She apologized again, she has literally been
apologizing ever since she was suspended. ” hey, it okay sis, welcome back to the family” I said smiling, if not for what she did then, she use
to be a good girl. ” Have you told the rest about this?” I asked not allowing her say anything.. ” Yes, I have told Morgana, israel, and Matt” she informed while I nodded, ” Have you told Alvana?” I asked, ” who is Alvana?” She asked back, ” That guy Daniel betrayed back then,
during their set” I answered. ” I dont know him too well” She replied, ” He is Morgana boyfriend” I informed, ” Then Morgana will tell him” She said and that was all, we spoke about some irrelevant stuff and later put an end to the call. ” Hmm, Christiana” I smiled as I dropped the phone on the bed, ” Who is Christiana?” I heard Adanna’s voice behind me, ” my friend” I replied, ” Hmm Gabi , be careful o” She smiled as she hugged me from behind, ” So my good morning for today is who is Christiana?” I asked her, ” Hey I was about saying that just now” She countered, ” But you have not said it” I said smiling, ” I ain’t gonna greet you again” She said and stood up from the bed, ” Why?” I asked , ” Because you reminded me, I would have surely greeted you” She replied still standing, ” That nothing to start a fight about this morning, I dont even need the greetings before self” I said and stood up, I was going towards the sitting room, ” Good morning Gabi” She shouted after I have left the room, ” Good morning ” I shouted back,” I thought you won’t answer” She shouted again but i didn’t reply this time else we would simply keep on shouting at ourselves. ” Ogbakpo!! ” she shouted as she ran out, into the sitting room. ” Have told you to stop calling me that, I won’t warn you again” I told her sternly, Ogbakpo simply means a fool when translated to english, my late sister, Linda, may her soul rest in peace actually use to call me that name, Adanna picked it from there since she was a close friend of my sister. ” Haba, is that why you are frowning? Just because I want to play with you” She hissed and turned to go, ” Oya, sorry, come” I begged while she jumped back with a smile. ” I knew you would beg me” she smiled sitting beside me, ” So what is it?” I asked reaching for the television remote, ” Hey, ask in a polite manner” She frowned, ” Abeg talk jare” I said as she adjusted more close to me, ” You are to take me out today, remember?” She asked, ” Did I say today?” I asked , I dont even remember promising to take her out. ” yes now, have you forgotten?” She smiled, ” So where should I take you to?” I gave in, its not actually a bad idea spending some time out with my wife, I think we should actually have a good time. ” So where should we go to?” I asked her, she immediately adjusted herself on the sofa. ” Dubai” she blurted out while I stared at her in amazement and disbelief, ” Dubai, for what? How can we possibly go to Dubai today?” I asked her, ” Cabbage head, were you meant to ask me where we should go to? You are the man here, take me out” she smiled and placed her hand around my shoulders, ” Let’s go to the stadium” I smiled, she twisted her mouth in that cute manner and shook her head in pity, ” Out of the land of Israel, I have found a husband ” she lamented and backed it up with a hiss, ” Can’t you just be serious for once?” She asked adjusting more closer to me, ” The day I will break this your mouth for you ehen, you dont have respect again ” I said, ” Ah, my husband, I am sorry, forgive me” she apologized with a mockery face, ” You ehen!!” I hissed. ” Gabi now, say something , where should we go to?” She asked staring at her phone, ” Where should we go to?” I asked back. ” Can’t you just take me out to a place of your mind” she shouted twisting her mouth, ” Okay, I know the perfect solution, let’s not go anywhere again, let’s just stay at home ” I shouted back and made to go away, ” if you go ehen ” she threatened as she stood and walked to me. She stood face to face with me and stared directly into my eyes, ” You are taking me out to a place of your choice weather you like it or not ” she shouted and hit my chest before walking away angrily. ” Hey, Adanna, okay, okay I will take you out, am sorry” I shouted after her, ” Just leave me alone!!” She shouted from the bedroom.

To be continued……

A story by Gabriel Akilozi.
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