I Sat opposite sir Ajan staring at me as I stared at him, we were in his office and definitely, it isn’t for something good. ” Tell me Toni, what else do we have to do to you?” He started as he stood up from his chair, ” How Sir? ” I asked back, ” You are asking how? You are the only one
backwards in training, you aren’t improving” He lamented sitting on the table, ” Tell me, what else should we do?” He asked while I bent my head, I am trying my best. ” I dont know sir” I finally answered after some minutes of thinking, ” I think I know what to do” he said while I looked up at him immediately, he was putting on a smile. ”

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What sir?” I asked him also smiling, ” Why dont we just put you on a small test mission? I think that’s the perfect idea, why haven’t I thought of this all this while? ” he smiled on , ” Get prepared, you are going on a mission ” he ordered while I bent my head slowly in anger, this guy just want me dead.
I was already dressed up in a blue shirt and jean trouser, Adanna was still in the bathroom having her bath and I know she won’t be done anytime soon. She has finallyndecided to go to the cinema, she said she wanted to go view a trending movie , Jumaji, I wonder what sort of movie it would be. I left the room and went to the guest room, I might need to burst some brains over there. I opened an artificial, fake tile on the floor, it had the same colour and look of the other tiles, I brought out my secret briefcase and took out my gun, my official gun. I replaced the briefcase and covered it up as it was before, no one would ever know there is something hidden there, I mean no one. I hid
the gun in my waist region , in it belt and covered it with my singlet and then my cloth. ” Adanna!!” I shouted as I got to the bedroom, she was still bathing, ” What? ” she shouted back from the bathroom, ” Please get out of that bathroom and let’s leave here” I shouted back. ” Am almost done dear, dont worry we won’t miss the movie” She said, i’d prefer we dont go at all. She came out from the bathroom some minutes
later tying a tower, exposing those her killer curves, ” I hope you won’t take much time in dressing up?” I asked as she started creaming her body, “Ah, do you want me tondress there like a mad woman?” She fired back, ” Must you shout in all things?” I asked calmly, ” Am sorry” she apologized stretching her hands for my hand. ” don’t be angry” she pecked me. ” You are putting on a blue shirt, I should also put on a blue gown” She said while I nodded, ” Not a bad idea” I said as I walked towards her wardrobe and brought out three blue gowns. ” Which of the three do you want?” I asked her , ” You pick for me now” She said , ” Okay, you have to test the three of them then” I said and she nodded. ” RomanticnHubby” She smiled and pecked me again .


It was like the best moment of my life, the best moment of my life is actually whenever Ann comes to spend sometimes with me, this period, I forget about my best friend, Matt, who is Matt? It took a long trial to persuade Ann to spend the three days public holiday with me,I actually know she would come, she just wanted to form expensive. ” Baby, so what plans do you have for us? I mean myself and you” Ann asked, I don’t know but it think that the best way Ann starts a conversation. ” Ann. I have told you times without number that I have plans for us, I plan getting married to you, make you my wife and have my kids with you” I replied sincerely while she blushed, she is always
happy hearing that. ” I love you Honey” She kissed me, ” What should I cook for the afternoon?” She asked me standing up from my laps where she has been sitting all this while, ” Just cook Beans and plantain ” I smiled, that’s another good thing about her, she loves to cook. ” Okay dear, let me go fix that” She said kissing me again and walking towards the kitchen. ” Dont miss me much” She said and swayed away while I stared at the killer waist, if Ann doesn’t kill me , who will? we sat in the dining eating the delicious delicacy Ann has put together, at some points, she would feed me and I will also feed her, that is the sweetness of being in a relationship, its just something good especially when you are with the right girl, like Ann. We were still in the middle of the meal when my main door suddenly bursted open to reveal three guys all in white, they wore white mask and advanced towards us. ” Who are you and what do you people want here?” I asked standing up from the chair and walking towards them ,the one who seem to be their leader slide out his sword and advanced towards me, he flung it at me, I bent down and weaved it perfectly. With one of my hand on the ground , I raised up my legs towards the air and gave him a kick
with my left leg on his head. He fell down to the ground and the second one took over, he threw a back leg kick which I was fast to
catch, I immediately gave him my own back leg kick still holding his leg, we both fell down. Before I could get up, the third already gave me a flying kick, the kick pushed me backwards and I hit my head on the tile wall, the remaining two on the ground immediately got up and rushed towards the weak me, I tried fighting back but I was overpowered and tied down, I watched as they walked towards Ann who was shaking in fear and swearing profusely,” Please let me go!!” She shouted as she tried to free herself from them but to no avail,
they covered her mouth and two of the boys carried her outside , I was just there struggling to free myself. ” Hey, I am a good person, use this in getting yourself freed” The last one, their leader said as he dropped a small knife beside me, I crawled immediately to get it. He ran out as I started cutting off the rope, i got freed and quickly ran out but i could only hear the car zooming off , for the first time, I cried for a girl.

A story by Gabriel Akilozi.
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