We’re all trying to to get the edge up on the competition, working differently, or developing ourselves into more complete intellectual entities. Sure, the big things can make a huge impact on how smart you are or react in certain situations. However, we should not look past the smalls things. Here, we are breaking down seven small things that can make you smarter.


The refreshing feeling of drinking water when rising in the morning can do wonders for your overall health. But did you know it can help your brain power? Drinking at least two glasses of water is a great way to rehydrate your system. After all, you have been asleep for several hours and your body is missing a lot of fluids. The tasks that require a vast portion of your mental strength, can be aided by a couple of glasses. So wake up — and refresh yourself — with water.


Drinking any type of tea with caffeine before your sleep time arrives, isn’t the smartest idea. But a specific type of tea will enhance your brain’s process. l-theanine in green tea, can spark essential flares to your brain waves, probing you to be more productive as you work. If you want to get moving more productively, try some green tea!


It’s funny how the same things we dreaded as kids, are the same things we would damn-near kill for as adults. One of those is napping. The casual mid-day nap can be essential to helping you pick up energy for tasks you have yet to complete. Napping can be best around 3 PM in the afternoon — and/or after you have completed a workout at the gym. Try it for yourself, and see where the productivity leads you!


Here’s a small thing that you might have never thought about; video games can make you smarter. But there’s a small catch. Instead of watching TV, try playing video games instead. When you are watching television, you are taking in a lot of information — as opposed to video games — which you can take your mind and add more production. So the next time you’re considering watching television, grab the game controller and have some fun!


You’re aiming for being smarter than you previously were, so grabbing a book can do us some good. You can never read too much; there’s a lot of information that we can consume and add to our knowledge. You begin to exercise your brain when your brain creates visuals of the content you’re taking in. So if you’re ever feeling bored and wondering what to do, pick up a book and work those muscles in your brain.


Programming is not the easiest thing to learn, but with great challenges, comes great reward. The reward with programming will be to increase the brain power you have. Sure, it will not be a walk in the park when you first begin, but once you get the hang of programming, the sky is the limit. Also, imagine putting that on your CV. Adding programming to your repertoire can be a key factor in your success.


Hanging around with someone smarter than you, can only help you become smarter than you already are. The key is to learn more than you’ve already been aware of. Being around people smarter than you will enable you to think on a different level. Together, ideas can spark up at any moment, also helping you gain momentum in your route to victory.

It’s similar to playing sports. If you played a game of tennis against someone who couldn’t even hit the ball, it wouldn’t help you at all. But play someone who is a better player than you and it will help improve your game. The same thing applies.