Millions of people around the world rely on astrological signs and signals to plan their day-to-day lives and even to make major life decisions. It’s clear to them that the signs provided by the stars and planets above are worth paying attention to and should never be disregarded. It’s also well known that a person’s birth date is often used to make judgments and determinations about their character and personality traits. While some people dispute the validity of using the positions of heavenly bodies to make those kinds of determinations, many others find the observations stunningly accurate and reliable.

While most descriptive texts that outline the personality characteristics of people born under the 12 signs of the zodiac are usually fairly broad in their descriptions, we’re much more interested in a particular trait this time around. Is a person born under a particular sign more likely to be a nicer than another? Perhaps so. Here’s how the zodiac ranks them from nicest to naughtiest.

1. Libra

These are the kinds of people you really want to have as friends. Libras hate to fight and are usually willing to go out of their way to avoid a dispute or settle an existing one. In many cases, they are willing to sacrifice their own interests to keep the peace. They aren’t comfortable in the presence of conflict and want nothing more than harmony within their group. When you find yourself at odds with a Libra, it’s most likely that you are the cause of the problem!

2. Pisces

Those born under this astronomical sign are also lovers of peace and harmony and would probably get along quite well with Libras. Pisces people also hate fighting and aren’t too likely to indulge in back-stabbing and gossiping about others – something that comes surprisingly natural for so many others. A Pisces is quite likely to “turn the other cheek” and simply walk away when someone attempts to start a fight with them.

3. Taurus

While the animal that represents this sign of the Zodiac is a bull, people who are born under this sign are not at all known for trampling on people’s feelings. A Taurus is usually very patient and sensitive to the feelings of others. This may be due, at least in part, to their own sensitivity to criticism and a desire to spare others from the pain that can result from an unkind word or action. A Taurus is also likely to be quite generous and willing to share with others. However, do not mistake a Taurus for a pushover. They will stand their ground when pushed too far!

4. Aquarius

An Aquarius is likely to come across as one of the nicest and friendliest people you’ll ever meet and they have little or no tolerance for those who are unkind to others. With a tendency towards the rebellious, an Aquarius won’t hesitate to act if they feel that they are being mistreated by others. Those who make the mistake of messing with them are very likely to get a little taste of their own medicine in return.

5. Sagittarius

Even though you may find that these folks tend towards being a bit impatient and a little “on edge,” they do not normally allow that to progress into aggression or nastiness. They may sometimes come across as crusaders, but that’s because they hate to see injustice and the mistreatment of others. Even so, a Sagittarius will usually turn away from a fight rather than engage in behavior that they believe is wrong.

6. Gemini

It’s easy for these people to give others the impression that they are friendly, outgoing and nice, and they often are, but there’s a bit of a dark side to a Gemini as well. They do like to gossip and they can be quite “gifted” when it comes to that activity. Be aware that calling them out for that kind of thing could be a mistake, depending on your tolerance for confrontation. A Gemini will often make a scene when confronted about their gossiping and rumor-spreading, and it could be an epic one!

7. Cancer

How well can you get a long with a Cancer? Spin the wheel and find out! These folks are well-known for being moody and can often switch from nice-as-pie to super-nasty depending on the day. At times they can be exhausting due to all the flip-flopping, but they can be quite good at smoothing things over with nearly endless compliments when they are feeling the love. On other days, it might be best to just leave them alone.

8. Leo

Leos can appear quite mysterious to others since they often seem like some of the nicest, most forgiving and loving people around who are also able to turn into a ferocious beast when they are wronged. Be careful with them because it is easy for their anger to get the best of them and that can result in some incredibly hurtful things being said that will probably never be forgotten. Tread carefully in the presence of Leo and avoid stirring things up unless absolutely necessary!

9. Virgo

When a Virgo is feeling bitchy, don’t expect to take it straight in the face the way you would with a Leo. Insults and put-downs are more of an art form for a Virgo and may be delivered alongside a well-placed compliment just to keep you off balance. Virgos love a classic passive-aggressive approach to conflict and their words can sometimes leave you wondering what just hit you.

10. Aries

Although an Aries can be one of the nastiest people you’re likely to encounter, they usually never see themselves that way. They will admit that they can be a little contentious when wronged, but that’s about as far as it goes. That’s a bit of an understatement since they are famous for being impatient, aggressive and stubborn, and are usually arrogant about their behavior at the same time! They also can be bit more likely than others to descend into immature behavior when they are confronted about their behavior.

11. Capricorn

Be careful around them because it might be hard to know where you stand at times. While a Capricorn will almost always be patient with others, when they turn, they turn decisively and the fallout may be intense. You may not even see it coming since Capricorns are usually not upfront when it comes to confrontation and will often use more devious tactics to extract revenge, such as spreading rumors or working to turn others against you.

12. Scorpio

It’s probably fitting that this sign is represented by a scorpion since the average Scorpio is always ready to strike! Although you usually are well-aware of the kind of person you are dealing with, you might be surprised how much time and effort a Scorpio can devote to pay-back. It is possible to get a long with them – just as long as you don’t rub them the wrong way, and that could take some effort. Just know what to expect if you find yourself on their bad side. And it won’t be pretty!