Title: Morgana

” Hello young lady” he greeted as I got to his table in a corner of the club, I kept mute and continued to smile Seductively. ” Seems like you dont know me” he said . ” Who doesn’t know the famous Sir Jude?” I asked while he smiled and rub his belly happily. “Impressive” He said happily. ” Come and sit down, let me spoil you, a beautiful girl like you deserves to be spoilt ” he said again while I nodded and sat on his laps where he gestured for me to sit. The girl occupying it before as gotten up from it. ” Ah you are a beautiful girl to behold, why haven’t I seen you here before? ” he asked. ” Maybe you didn’t notice me, I always come here” I replied. ” Oh my goodness. Please have some drink” he pleaded pointing at the bottles of Beers, at the same time he was rubbing my back with his other hand. Like seriously, there wasn’t any pleasure derived from what he was doing, or maybe its my body nature. ” I dont drink beer Sir, I would prefer malt” I said. ” That’s alright” he said and almost immediately one of his guard went to get the malt. ” What’s your name?” He asked as I waited for the malt. ” Morgana ” I replied sitting more comfortably on his laps by adjusting my buttocks on his laps, I felt his body vibrate. ” Ah Morgana, just like the one in that movie, Merlin. You are even as beautiful as her but hope you aren’t a witch?” He said laughing, I also joined in the laughter. ” Am aren’t a witch but your worst night mere” I said to myself.

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This Wednesday morning seem peaceful, why? Because Israel and Matt had gone out before me, they might have probably gone to be with Daniel so as to continue with their cameras planting job. I just wonder how planting Cameras outside a house can be useful to us. I sat up on my bed and took a glance at the time, it was 4:15am, I was 15 minutes late. I went into the kitchen to boil water but surprisingly there was already hot water in the flask on the dinning, all thanks to Matt, israel can’t do such things. I went back to my room and had my bath, I changed from my night wear into a black trouser and a white tight shirt, i didn’t forget to put on the micro earpiece given to us from Newriton. There after I went to have a cup of tea to begin the day. I took the first sip of my tea and it sent my mind back to last night. I, Israel, and Matt had bee busy playing FIFA football game when my earpiece made a beeping sound. I picked it up from the table and placed it on my left ear before pressing on the button which was shinning with green light. ” Hey guys, its Morgana, I am in Perfect Peace hotel at the Iyana Ipaja Under Bridge, I am with Sir Jude Ike, I think i will be fine” her voice came over the earpiece. ” Did you guys get that?” I said turning to Israel and Matt who always had the one ear piece on where ever they went. ” That message was sent about a minute ago and you are just getting it, always put it on, I wonder why you should take it off” Matt said paying full attention on his game.
That should explain why I am putting on the ear piece this morning, I dont wanna get late alert as the ear piece kinda keep messages until you press the green button or rather the button beeping green light whenever there is a message. I finished up the Tea and went to the sitting room. I adjusted the table from the centre and did my normal morning push ups. The day was just starting as the time says 5:20am.
•” what is strange about Love Avenue located at Iyana Ipaja?” I typed into the box provided by google, i was using my micro laptop. It was my working laptop which contained all information about my work as a spy,I usually hid it under one of the tile in my sitting room, no one would ever have the clue that I kept a laptop there, as the tile seem to fit in like others, only my spy mates knew I had such laptop but none knew where it was kept. Love Avenue is the name given to the street where Sir Jude’s house is located, it is one of the most dreaded street in lagos as people who lived there are always getting missing or sometimes killed. The street could also be termed home of touts, numerous groups of touts and bad guys occupied that street and all the happenings of the street were simply blamed on them. ” Love Avenue: The most notorious street in Lagos State” Goggle brought their reply. ” I already know that” I said to myself as I scrolled down for any other valuable information but oops, I got nothing apart from some music titled Love. I checked my mail for any message and i had one from Christiana. ” I promise I won’t call you this time, you can’t even call to at least say hi” it read, I closed the message and smiled to myself, I can’t continue to lead her on. The time was now 6:30am, I went back into the room and wore a black Jacket, I hid a knife in my waist side as usual and left the house after putting on a black canvas. My dressing was perfect to confuse anyone that I wasn’t a cleaner, you might get confused that I was a Teacher in the school. I didn’t go with a bicycle, cleaners don’t use bicycles do they? I decided trekking to school.
The name perfect peace hotel would ring a bell to anyone living around Iyana Ipaja, it’s the most popular and expensive hotel meant for only the rich, it is own by a private organization. They say there isn’t a place like home but perfect peace is just a replica of home. I laid alone on the big comfortable bed of room 222 located in the third storey of the hotel, Sir Jude has left me alone in the hotel with the promise to come back after work. The previous day had been so hectic for him that he had no strength left in him that night to perform any manly duty. I had made sure I exhausted his strength on the dance floor as I danced and moved my butt to the rhythm of the jazz being played by the DJ.
” just put a call over to them when you need anything” he had said before leaving me in the hotel room that morning. ” How am I sure you ain’t gonna abandon me here?” I asked him forming an angry face. ” This is the key to my house, I am leaving it as a collateral. ” he had said dropping a bunch of keys.” But you have other spare keys, and moreover, I dont know your house” I had replied him. ” I will surely come back, why should I abandon such a beautiful girl like you, moreover we had not even started anything and am yet to have a taste of you” he said again. ” Promise me you will come back” I said to him as I stood up from the bed and planted a long kiss on his lips, and then pressed his head on my b—-t. ” Tell me, why won’t I come back? I promise to come back, and you are not meant to leave this room, anything you want, tell the guards. I am scared you might also run away” he said before I decided to let him go. I stood by the window, I could see the whole environs and surrounding of the perfect peace hotel, even Sir Jude Ike’s jeep that was parked outside the hotel wasn’t beyond my view. I saw Sir Jude walk out of the hotel gate, his guards were already there standing beside the jeep like it was a kind of treasure, I expected him to enter into the jeep and Zoom off but no. To my surprise, an old Beetle Car pulled over, a guard came off it and handed over the key to the car to him, he entered and zoomed off. I was confused at first but later tried picturing things. Probably Sir Jude Ike doesn’t want people to know how rich he was, or maybe people in the primary school he teaches in. Wait a minute, let’s work this out. Sir Jude Ike’s mansion is located at love Avenue but he works in a school that requires about 200 naira transport to get there, there is something to be suspicious about. I stood up from the bed and rushed to the bathroom to clean myself up, the surprising thing was that I was still dressed like I was dressed the previous night. We had been so tired that we had jumped into the bed as we got into the room last night. I cleaned myself up and put on my clothes, my knife was still in my heel. I picked up my phone and put a call to Gabriel, Gabriel is my best guy man in Newriton, he is always suspicious about every little thing and always careful. ” Morgana” his thick voice echoed over the phone. ” Hello Gabi” I said. ” See how smooth your voice is, perfect peace hotel is really a good place to be in ” his voice came again while I giggled. ” Are you in for some fun?” I asked over the phone. ” Nope, am quiet busy now ” he replied. ” Doing what?”, ” Washing the toilet of Royalty primary school, the same place your sugar daddy works” his voice came again this time more like a whisper. ” Why cleaner, you were meant to be a teacher” I said trying hard not to laugh. ” They dont take school cert anymore” he said while I bursted into laughter. ” So what kinda fun were you talking about?” He asked. “Our suspect actually left his house spare key with me, I wanted us to go search it together, we might get something” I told him. ” Morgana you are a big time prostitute, how did you make him leave his house key just in one night?” He asked again. ” That is the lady secret” I replied him. ” So you can’t make it?” I asked him. ” You know I dont miss such things, I will find a way to escape. meanwhile I saw your sugar daddy some moment ago when he arrived” he told me. ” Okay then, please pick me up at perfect peace hotel, be careful, his guards are guiding me, they are everywhere even in front of the room door, room 222″ I told him. ” Okay, expect me” he said and hung up not even minding that I was the one who called him. ” Hello Gabriel, I have warned you to stop hanging the phone on me” I shouted as I called him again. ” Morgana, will you just leave me to wash this toilet, the s–t here aren’t friendly” he shouted back at me. ” Okay, please come with a bike and not a bicycle” I said before hanging up on him this time. There after, I dialed Christiana’s number, I haven’t spoken with her since I was picked by sir Jude the previous night. ” Hello” She said in an unusual cold voice. ” Babe, how are you doing?” I asked happily. ” Am fine, so you are just remembering me bah?” She asked. ” No now, I only wanted to avoid suspicions. ” I told her. ” Any development?” She asked in a low tone. “Why are you whispering?” I asked her. ” I am in a guy’s house, he picked me yesterday from the club” she said shocking me. ” What about your boyfriend, Gabi?” I asked her. ” Dont let him know, I need to catch fun” she said laughing, ” If you know you want to live like this let Gabi know and stop fooling around” I said angrily before hanging up , another reason why I had never wanted her for Gabriel. Gabi is a good guy but Christiana is a hog, permit me to use the language. The only reason we are close is because we work together. Thirty minute pass and I didn’t see Gabriel, I had been staring at the window endlessly for him but I kept on seeing sir Jude Ike’s Guards. My door soon creaked open, and a man with a tray of chicken and wine walked in. He was wearing an overall and a face cap. ” Food” he said dropping the tray on a small table. ” Thanks, but I hadn’t called for food” I said without looking up at him. ” Imagine!! Big woman, idiot” he said taking off his cap. ” Gabriel” I almost screamed as I jumped into his arms. ” Shhhhhh” he whispered as he placed his hand on my lips and pointed to the door. ” there are two guards is there” he whispered again pointing at the door.

To be continue……..

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