#Theblunts: Is virginity at this Era still a woman’s dignity? S01. E21 #unigoss


Today’s topic: That she is a Virgin does not make her a good wife, that she is not a Virgin doesn’t make her a hoe either, Is virginity at this Era still a woman’s dignity?

: Damn well virginity is still a stereotype but not a determinant for a virtuous woman or marriage as marriage is predicated on structural discipline and virtuosity on moral subjection. That’s the difference.

CHRIS: Virginity is always a woman’s dignity Michael and a gift to her husband but virginity is her sexuality, it is required by both God and man but marriage or relationships have sacrosanct principles not dependent on virginity for its success. That’s the difference. Virginity is a bequest as it were from a female to a male specie and it has spiritual consequences towards man and God but the determinant for a relationships success is based on individual character in allegiance to relevant principles. A virgin who is not a Christian or lacking in virtuous character exist; virginity isn’t a righteous indication of perfection but only a sexual advantage to marriage and spirituality. This matter is very sensitive so I’d appreciate questions on it to really put it in perspective.

Teejay: I am gonna start by using random quotes. These quotes have different origins, before I know make known my view. Funny part is that I can’t remember who said them. A Chinese proverb says: Virginity is like a bubble; one prick and it’s gone.

Katie: abi

CHRIS: At best, virginity indicates that a woman’s womb is without sin, which is why the virgin Mary could incubate Jesus in her womb sinless. This is a technical matter.

Teejay: Virginity and Character are two different points of virtue. While they run parallel to each other, they exhibit differential analysis in relation to each other however you look at it.

Katie: ok

CHRIS: Yeah, correct Teejay.

Teejay: Technically speaking, my own definition of being a Virgin might be harsh and extremely conservative at this point. So I will use the general definition. Virginity (i am emphatically saying) can not be used to judge the character base/potential of a person. In consideration of the questions asked when someone is in the “non-virgin” position, it is generally but erroneously believed that non-virgins are promiscuous since the one barrier holding them back has removed (male or female in this respect). However, there is a failure to consider the circumstances around the loss of the persons virginity. That aside, the character base of a person who has lost his/her virginity may be more innocent than his/her status may serve to portray. Leaving us to conclude that if these circumstances with which the loss of their virginity was not in existence they would still pretty much be virgins in this current time frame (i have ample experience since I have met people in this state).

CHRIS: Yeah, disvirginity and promiscuity are two different things Teejay. So, the loss of virginity has never been an archetypal ground for a failure of morality or character. Diverse reasons/circumstances abound in this regard. So, why femininity is branded in a woman’s virginity, virginity isn’t a ground for morality and character as two varying propositions; therefore a woman is qualified to be marriage or relationship worthy based on her moral/character composition.

Teejay: On the other hand, a tricky quote says Virginity exists because the opportunity to have sex hasn’t presented it self.

CHRIS: Yeah, that quote is hypothetical Teejay.

Teejay: What is being implied here is that there are many virgins whose characters are so debased that it would be better of if they switched placed with the non-virgins who wish they had kept theirs.

Katie: LOL

Teejay: I said tricky sir…there are reasons for it being called that.

Katie: Dats a lie

CHRIS: All these are fallouts to individuality and sexuality. However, virginity may be so debased by individual character, yet it is a plausible status credential however adrift it is from character.
To be continued……..

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