Title: Mbe the Dog


. ” Something I dont know” He said looking up to the old white ceiling, ” We have to be there” he said again after some time. ” Where?” I asked. ” The port, we must find out what they are shipping” he said to me. ” You aren’t looking fit” I said not willing to go ahead with his mission. ” Am not forcing you to come Morgana, I can go in my own but dont tell anyone about my whereabout. Some how, those people are kind of connected to the numerous deaths in Atata” he shouted. ” I didn’t say am not joining you, stop barking ” I shouted back facing him.




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” I dont need you anyways” he said again, ” Maybe next time you will get a bullet to your head” I fired angrily at him. “It will be my pleasure ” he said and lied on the bed facing the ceiling. ” Am sorry” I murmured unwillingly to him after some moment of silence but he didn’t reply. ” Gabi” I called but he didn’t still answer. ” For Christ sake, I said am sorry” I shouted angrily, ” You better dont give yourself hypertension ” He said but didn’t still look up. ” Am I forgiven?” I asked him ” Are you coming with me?” He also asked. ” Of course, I will come with you” I said smiling. ” Then you are forgiven” he replied as he got up from the bed. ” Let’s go have fun” he said looking out through the window, ” What sort of fun?” I asked him, ” Like a night ride” He answered while I smiled. ” Let’s go” I said throwing the key of his bike to him, just then the old nurse entered. ” Are you both going out?” She asked smiling to reveal her scattered teeth, not white at all. ” Yes mama, for a ride” I replied. ” My son, come back quick, I still need to do something on the hand ” She said. ” okay mama ” Gabriel said as the old woman walked out.” I hope you can drive?” I asked him, ” Watch and see ” he said bouncing out. Ten minutes later, we both could be seen cruising the street of Lagos on his bike, loud music from different clubs and bars made the night.


With smiles and happiness of the morning, I went to the stream, I have been relieved when Alvana told me Gabriel hadn’t written the letter, I swayed and smiled happily as I went to the stream early that cold morning, I do go very early before other village maidens so as not to be involved in gossips. The village girls are good gossipers, they can involve you in useless talk and waste your time. ” Adanna” I heard Alvana called from behind, he was going to his farm as usual, he had a how hanged on his shoulder and a cutlass on his hand. ” Alvana, good morning” I greeted. ” You are so hardworking, you mean you have come to fetch water this morning?” He asked smiling. ” Yes” I replied. ” Hmm, let me take Gabriel place, let me escort you to the stream” he said. ” No, dont bother..” He interrupted. ” I want to escort you to the stream, that isn’t something big is it?” He asked smiling, I had no option than to give in. ” Don’t worry, you are meant for Gabriel and am not taking his place” Alvan said smiling. ” I just miss him so much” I told him. ” When he was here you could not tell him you love him and you are missing him now.” Alvana said laughing. ” The boy is meant to tell the girl not otherwise” I said calmly. ” Another postulate by Alfred Marshal” he said laughing . ” Who is Alfred Marshal?” I asked. ” An economist” he said. ” Stop there!!” A voice shouted from behind, we both turned and it was Mbe the cat, I felt pity for Alvana immediately. “Your dog has come” Alvana said to me smiling, ” Won’t you run?” I asked pushing him away. ” Run? I hate that sport” he said again smiling. ” What kind of idiot are you?” I asked as I saw mbe drawing closer. ” Mbe with the way you follow Adanna these days, I think it will be better calling you Mbe the dog rather than the cat” Alvana said smiling, I was sure he didn’t know who he was standing with. “Alvana, is that for me?” Mbe asked angrily as he pushed Alvana to the ground. Alvan stood up slowly, he was still smiling. ” Mbe the dog is really perfect, Adanna what do you think?” Alvana asked holding my hands, I was now shaking incredibly. ” What sort of full grown man of Atata pursues a lady day and night rather than go to the farm?” Alvana asked still smiling, he was always smiling. ” Alvana!!” Mbe screamed and punched Alvana over his face, the punch sent Alvana to the ground, this time Alvana didn’t get up slowly, he sprang up with his both legs and stared at Mbe smiling. Mbe tried bringing another punch but Alvana caught his hand in the air, then like thunderstorm, Alvana released a hot slap to Mbe’s fat cheeks. The stream became still, the trees stopped rustling, the birds of the trees flew away as Mbe fell to the ground heavily with his both eyes closed, Just a slap. ” He is dead” I said turning to Alvana who was just smiling.

To be continue….

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